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Camping Games for Kids

You can always use camping as an opportunity to teach something new to children as well as, let them have a good time. Here are some interesting camping games for kids to help them enjoy their time outdoors.

Camping amidst the nature means a whole lot of fun for the adults as well as children. Camping outdoors has many things in store especially for youngsters. Children can have a great time interacting with people their age and also learn new things in a very fun environment. A camp is of course not complete without loads of games for the children. This is what makes the whole event a fun filled affair and also a time when children learn the importance of teamwork! If you are looking out for some fun camping games for kids, then check out some of the ideas given below.

Camping Games for Kids:
This idea would help you to manage children who need to develop their powers of observation as well as learn the alphabet. You can play this game when you are out hiking with the kids. Begin with the alphabet A and associate it with any object you pass. For example, for alphabet A, you can associate it with an apple. This can be continued by alphabet B for branch and so on. This game would keep the kids busy whilst they are walking the trail and would also let them enjoy their walk through the nature.

If the group of children belongs to a younger age bracket, you can help them to make use of their surroundings to identify with colors. Make the group of children sit in a circle. Ask them to answer rapidly the following: Associate a color with one thing from nature closest to them. For example: green can be related with grass. In this manner, kids can learn about different colors and more things about nature. Adults can even talk about one fact about that particular feature of nature. This will help to enrich their knowledge as well.

This idea for a camping game would require you to play with slightly older children. Arrange the kids in a group and hand ask them to inflate a balloon each. Once they have finished the process, you need to place some whipped cream over the top area of each balloon. Hand a razor to each kid and ask him or her to shave off the top portion of the balloon. The one who can manage to shave the surface of the balloon without popping it can be declared the winner!

A campfire is a common and most awaited part of camping! You can make a campfire in the evening and get the kids to sit around it in a circle. Narrate a story and ask a kid to continue for sometime. Then let the next child continue the story. Ask them to be creative and witty and have fun listening to the results.

Make teams amongst the group of children out camping with you. Allot specific areas of the campsite to each team. Ask each team to name some different species of plants and animals. Make them give one characteristic feature about it as well. This will help to enrich their knowledge about nature and develop their skills of observation.

Your time spent with the children can be great fun with these camping games for kids! Kids would surely wait for the next camping season with great enthusiasm and gusto for outdoor activities.

By Kashmira Lad