Wanna have dating nichkhun and sohee girl one favorites

-JYP Entertaiment Meeting room-

“THE DJ IS MINE ???”  Sohee raised her eyebrow when she read the title . She opened every page of the script, her new Movie.

“whoaaa, It’s gonna be DAEBAK” someone shouted as he read the script, he is Mir from MBLAQ.

“read your script carefully Mir, sohee will slapped your face 4 times” Fei laughing.

“what??” He panicked and read the script again…

“this is for real…?? sohee-ssi please don’t slap me too hard, okay??” mir begged

Sohee just smile while she read the script. But suddenly her face expression turned.

“kissing scene??” She look at Nichkhun, Nichkhun just give her his sweetest smile.

“why?? You don’t like it??” Nichkhun asked.

“It’s not like that but….oppa I’m feel so weird if I’m must kissing with you…”

“why?? This is not your first kiss, right??”

“yeah..but…. ahhh okay,,, forget it now…”  Sohee tried to changed their subject.

Nichkhun just smiled and “ ahhhh I’ll be the lucky man after Ji…..”

“OPPA…” cut him off.

“Ji ??? who??” Mir asked. Ugh thanks Khun oppa, they asking now.

“Ji??? Soheeya  you have a boyfriends..??” fei asked too.

“not Ji… umm Khun oppa means Kim…. Kim Bum , yeah you know he’s my first kiss in my movie hehehe”

“owhhhh” Fei continue read her script.

Sohee give Khun evil glared “You’ll be dead oppa..” She mouthed

Not long, JY Park come to their meeting rooms and they started 1st meeting for their movie.

3 hours  later…

“okay, meeting is done… we’ll start filming next month…. Let’s  work hard kids”. Then JY Park phones ringing.

“uhm yooo brother, how are you….?? “ He answer the phone while walked away from their meeting room.

“soheeyah are you okay, are you sick??” Nichkhun asked  when see sohee look so sleepy.

“ahhh anio, I’m just sleepy, I less sleep last night”

“ahhh, let’s go.. I’ll treat you an Ice cream now, for make your body feel refreshing again”

Sohee smiled ear to ear when heard Ice Cream, she’s really loves Ice cream “let’s go” she got up.

“but wait, I must go to 2PM room before. Wait in my car okay, this is the key” Nichkhun gave her his key car.

Sohee went out to the basement until she bumped into someone and make she fell to the floor.

“uhhhh I’m so sorry miss, sorry….. are you okay??” he said while holding out his hand, without a doubt sohee took his hand. And he helped her to stand up.

“are you okay miss,, I’m so sorry” he asked again.

“umm I’m okay, don’t wor---“ Sohee stop her words when she realized who the man in front of her.

“ Sohee-ssi….” He gave his sweetest smile.

“uh,,,annyeong haseyo Sang Hyun-ssi…” Sohee feel so shy.

“you’re back?? Huaaa It’s been a long time, glad to see you comeback”

“ahh thankyou, what are you doing here?” Sohee asked.

“oh, I came to pick up MIR, is he still inside?”

“Mir,, ah yes, he still inside chatting with fei unni…”

“soheeya….” Someone called her, it was Nichkhun.

Both sohee and thunder turned their face to him.

“Let’s go..” Nichkhun toward her while his face just look at thunder.

“ummm sorry sanghyun-ssi I have to go..” sohee smiled.

“okay, don’t worry, nice to see you….” Sanghyun walked entered JYP building.

-At Baskin robins-

“hmmmmm Park SangHyun or we call him Thunder…MBLAQ member. Ahn sohee biggest fanboy after Kim Heechul, He look so handsome, tall , have a baby faces like you….”

“OPPA STOP IT….” Sohee feels so mad when Nichkhun teases her.

“why… he has a good looking you know…but….” Nichkhun stoped his words.
“But what???”

“but he’s Sandara Park brother…. Your rival hahahhahah”

"Oppa uughhs stop it, I don’t want to discuss it ..."

"Waeyo?" Nichkhun feel so fun when he teasing sohee.
"Come on Oppa, stop talk about it and  quickly eating your ice cream, it melts ..." Sohee trying to change the subject as she ate a spoonful of ice cream.

Nichkhun smiled a little "ummmm, it’s reminds you with Kwon—“
"OPPAAAA ...." Sohee cut his words then pouted.

“ahhhh hahahhaha arraseo.. I’ll stop now, don’t be mad mandoo. I’m just kidding” Nichkhun laughing when he saw Sohee pouted.

Sudenlly Sohee’s phone ringing. She looked at the name “J Y Park”

“ummm hello… appa what happen??" She asked

[where are you now??”]

“ ummm I’m eating Ice cream with Nichkhun oppa… why??”

[where???] he asked hurryly

“ umm in baskin Robins , 2 Block from JYP entertaiment”

[Okay, Just wait there, my assistant will picked you up now, don’t go anywhere.. understand]

“ummm..o..okay… but what happen??” sohee keep wondering

[Just stay there…okay” he hung up his phone. Leaving sohee with billion question in her head.. what happen??

Nichkhun looked at her  “ what happen??”

“I dunno…. “” sohee eating her ice cream again….

25 minuites latter....

2 man like a bodyguard toward them.

“miss ahn sohee, JY Park asked us to pick you up”

“where are we going??” sohee asked

“umm just follow us miss…”

Sohee look so scared , she looked at nichkhun.


“ don’t worry I know them, they are JY park Bodyguard. If you need anything just call me”

Sohee just nooded and reached her bag.

“it’s okay if I leave you here alone….?”

“don’t worry mandoo. I’m not kid anymore…” he smiled.

“okay.. bye oppa…” Sohee walked out from Baskin robins with JY park bodyguard

Nichkhun walked out from Baskin robins. But before he entered his car, something caught his eyes. Make his eyes getting wider when see that thing. A Newspaper, not just one but all the newspaper.

He looked at in front of page the newspaper… written Breaking News


Sohee getting sweaty from nervousness, and kept asking what actually happened. The car that she was riding turned into a Basement.
Sohee was are accompanied by one of the men entered the building.

Initially she was normal, although still wondering where she is. until she found the answer and make her fixed in place

some large letters written clearly on the wall of the building "YG Entertainment"