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Who is Yoon Eun Hye’s boyfriend now?

I’ll introduce the latest news about her lovers and her love life.


Yoon Eun hye (Hangul: 윤은혜; born October 3, 1984) is an actress and singer in South Korea. She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Yoon graduated from Kyung Hee University.

She made her debut in the entertainment industry by joining the girl group Baby V.O.X in 1999. After six years of activity in the group, she left and began her career as an actress. Yoon became well known as an actress through her performance in the TV drama series “Princess Hours” (2006).

Following this, she appeared in many movies and TV drama series, and she was highly evaluated for her superb acting skills. Recently, she has moved to directing and has started a parallel career in design.


Yoon does not seem to be dating anyone now. She has no time for romantic relationship because she is expanding her activities to a vast number of countries and regions in Asia, such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In March, 2016, she won the Global Best Actress in the Chinese Entertainment Award of Macao, Hong Kong. She is also busy with the promotion of her latest movie, ‘After Love'(2016), which is a South Korea-China co-producted movie.

Moreover, she is now active in the fashion world as a fashion designer: she has a private brand. It seems that she is now focusing on her business rather than going on dates.

Ex Boyfriend

Rumor: Ju Ji Hoon

Yoon was said to be dating with Ju Ji Hoon, a South Korean actor. They co starred in the TV drama series, ‘Love in Palace'(2006), and this started rumors that they were also involved in a romantic relationship.

The two were often seen to be dating in situations like going shopping or having dinner in a restaurant. However, neither of them admitted the relationship.

Ju said, “I think she is so beautiful, but my ideal type of woman is quite opposite to her. I like a girl who is plump and small.” He seemed to be giving plausible reasons only to avoid observation from their relationship.

Since they were both around thirty, many fans were speculating about a possible marriage. However, it looks like the two broke up, as Ju has been spotted on dates with other people recently.

Rumor: Gong Yoo

Yoon was rumored to have dated Gong Yoo, her co-star in the 2007 K-drama “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”, after a series of pictures presumably depicting the two started surfacing on the internet.

None of these rumors have been confirmed and the size of the pictures makes their authenticity questionable.

However, the actress has stated in the past that Gong Yoo is her ideal type, and described him as caring, understanding, and somebody who knows what matters in life.

Even more interesting is the fact that she appears to be his type, too.

Other Rumored Relationships

Yoon Eun Hye is a very popular actress in Korea. Because of this, many groundless rumors arise whenever she acts together in TV series with other famous male actors.

Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye starred together in the 2012 drama “I miss you”. The couple looked so good on screen that people started believing the chemistry between them was real.

The same happened with Kang Ji Hwan, with whom she acted together in 2011, and with Jung Yong Hwa, his partner in the 2013 series “Future Choice”.

However, there is not enough evidence to support any of these rumors.

Her Ideal Type Of Man

Whenever asked about her ideal type of man, Yoon stated it’s Gong Yoo, an actor in South Korea, whom she co starred in the TV drama series, “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”(2007).

She likes someone who is nice and intelligent and can judge situations before making decisions. According to her, such a person is Gong Yoo – her ideal type of man.

Marriage Views

Yoon Eun Hye seems to be thinking deeply about marriage and has often answered to questions on the topic. In 2010, when asked her opinion on the perfect marriage age, she stated the following:

“To tell the truth, I wanted to be married by 25, but two years have passed already.”

She also stated that she would marry when Gong Yoo marries, since he is older than her.

Four years later she confessed in an interview that she stopped drinking in order to increase the possibilities of marriage. Her active and partying character made her especially popular among female fans but might be a bit threatening for males.

She hopes that by looking “nice and calm” she will be able to find the perfect husband.

What do the Fans Think About Her Lovelife

Yoon says that most of her fans are women. When she meets them in greet-and-meet events, only 10 out of 1500 fans are men. She is especially popular among female supporters, and many of them welcome and encourage her romantic adventures.

Now she is not dating with anyone, so they seem to be a little disappointed. Moreover, Yoon is now in trouble because of her fashion design brand is accused of plagiarism.

They are concerned about her troubles with the law as well as the fact that she has no prospects on love. Many of her fans would like to see her married to Ju Ji Hoon and are disappointed by the fact that there are no more rumors surrounding the two.

TV Dramas

Princess Hours (2006) as Shin Chae gyung
The Vineyard Man (2006) as Lee Ji hyun
Coffee Prince Go (2007) as Eun chan
My Fair Lady (2009) as Kang Hye na
Personal Taste (2010) as Yoon Eun soo
Lie To Me (2011) as Gong Ah jung
Missing You (2012 2013) as Lee Soo yeon
Marry Him If You Dare (2013) as Na Mi rae


The Legend of Seven Cutter (2006) as Han Min joo
My Black Mini Dress (2011) as Lee Yoo min
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015) as Im Boon bang (cameo)
After Love (2015)


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Romance, Yoon Eun Hye & Yoon Sang Hyun My Fair Lady OST (2009)
Dash Girl My Fair Lady OST and Edna A. Castro (2009)
AM 5:00 Do.U Production Crew (Outro) [Do.U] Know Me (2010)
Tic Tok, 2PM feat. Yoon Eun Hye Tic Toc Digital Single by 2PM (2010)
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