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Hi Frank,


Thanks for your comments on the Allpoint and Moneypass networks.


Please see the email below, I received from Allpoint when despite

what it says on their website, I was charged a surcharge at an

Allpoint ATM.


From my read of the email below, Allpoint is either blaming

Paypal or The Bancorp Bank for not properly loading the Paypal

Debit MasterCard Bin # ranges to the Allpoint and Moneypass

networks, for the transaction to be surcharge free.


The transaction I am discussing was made at a surcharge free atm

at a Safeway Company Vons store  that is advertised as surcharge

free.  Here is the email below:


Good Morning,


A card is identified as a part of the Allpoint Network by the

first digits of the card that is being used.  This series of

digits is called a BIN.  When each card provider joins our

network, it decides which BINs will participate and which will

not.  The BIN you provided has not been submitted to us by any of

our member card providers or member financial institutions.  This

excludes your card from the Allpoint Network, meaning that you

will be charged the surcharge at Allpoint ATMs.


If you would like to receive surcharge-free access to your

account, you will need to contact your card provider at the toll

-free customer service phone number listed on the back of your


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,



As you can see above, the issue may be a glitch perhaps from the

change from Chase to Bancorp Bank as the issuer, but it is an

issue and is probably an issue at MoneyPass as well.  The bigger

issue I think for Paypal is the false statement on the Allpoint

Website, which tells the paypal card user to go ahead and accept

any fee it states will be charged as a surcharge as it will

ultimately not be charged.  To me this could lead to serious

problems down the road.








From: <removed>
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 12:45 AM
To: <removed>
Subject: Online Refund Request


First Name: William
Last Name: Removed
Email: <removed>
Address Line 1: removed
City: removed
State: Ca
Zip: 92675
Phone Number: removed
First 9 Digits on Card: *removed*
Financial Institution: The Bankcorp Bank
Date of Transaction: 07-02-12
Time of Transaction: 14:02 pm

ATM Location Name: Vons
ATM Address Line 1: 32401 Camino Capistrano
ATM City: San Juan Capistrano
ATM State: Ca
ATM Zip: 92675
Terminal ID: SW000318
Total Transaction Amount: 403.00

Comments: Transaction shows as $403 and amount deducted was in

fact $403

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