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Hi again!

Can you believe that it has taken me this long to get to a computer in Israel?! Well, I finally moved into my apartment yesterday. It was a pretty exciting/stressful day all in all. I will be living at an absorption center in Be'er Sheva for 3 months before I will (hopefully) be moving my (fluent) Hebrew booty to Haifa!

To give you a brief overview of my time in Israel so far it has consisted of, hiking, drinking (while speaking Hebrew of course--Im a multi-tasker!), eating, drinking, a little more hiking, much more drinking, praying, shopping, moving, shopping, oh and did I mention the drinking part?

Recently, I have decided that the best way for me to speak well and get the most out of my Ulpan (Hebrew immersion) classes is to go to class drunk. I am apparently a very good Hebrew speaker while under the influence. Go figure!

Maybe I should just live my year in Israel under the influence as well since yesterday I have to shop for everything needed in an Israeli apartment (cleaning supplies, deli meat, etc). At one point I thought I was going to go crazy. Then I sent two of the girls I was shopping with off on their own ;)...just kidding. I sent them off together! But really, it was hard and our total for the trip was 1,000 shekels! When I saw it I almost died. Then I realized that with the conversion rate at about 4.28 it was really about $235 US. That split between 5 people is really about $47 US a person which isnt so bad.

Anyway, enough boring facts and figures. You should all stop worrying about me for right now. I have talked to Hezbullah, I found them some knee showing ladies, we're now BFF and they have agreed to stop sending 200 or so rockets into Israel. Well at least until after my ski trip in the North!

Sorry this is random (I am tired) and I will def. be putting up some pics (when I get to my comp).

Miss you all! Hopefully I'll get to write again soon!!


p.s. email me if you want more dirt on ppl on my trip.

p.p.s. Don't judge me. I'm just doin my thing... (Evan is probably the only one that got that reference, but I got a chuckle!)

I AM the Master Procrastinator


Hi Guys! Welcome to my Blog!

The Summer has flown by and tomorrow I head to JFK for my year in Israel. As usual, I have not even begun to pack my stuff so I have spent most of today (and will probably spend most of tonight) running around like a mad woman getting things ready.

So, to keep this short, I have never had my own blog before. Nor have I ever really paid them much attention. But I thought this would be a wonderful way to keep you all up to date on my life in isarel. So please excuse my poor English grammar and feel free to keep in touch, post comments, etc.

Thanks and I will miss you all dearly!


Look at these three Beautiful Jewesses.

Me and BNA in the desert. And you thought Jews stopped wandering long ago!