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  •   ★NEW★Love 365: Find Your Story  

  • "Your choices, your romance - 365 days a year.

    Love 365 is your portal to otome romance!
    Discover hundreds of thrilling episodes featuring countless handsome men!
    Your choices alter your destiny...
    Will you choose wisely?!

    The app's first two new titles are getting a dual release! So many sexy men to love♡

    The Dashing Man-About-Town

  •   Pirates in Love  

  • "Get ready to set sail on a journey
    filled with adventure, danger, and LOVE...!"

    Pirates in Love has been revamped,
    and now features the original Japanese art!!
    Experience another heart-pounding
    voyage with your beloved pirates
    in the Captain's Cut edition!


    •   Era of Samurai: Code of Love  

    • Join the ranks of the Shinsengumi warriors
      and experience a love so passionate, it will alter an era...

      In the twilight years of the Edo period...
      Set upon by vagrant samurai, you are saved by the
      infamous Shinsengumi warriors.
      Feared by the masses for their ruthless ways,
      you find your heart opening to the kindness these
      warriors show you...
      These brave men put their lives on the line to see their
      missions through, and you have fallen for them.
      Walk the dangerous path of the Shinsengumi and discover
      where this era of love will take you...

      Toshizo Hijikata
      Soji Okita
      The Fearless Master Swordsman

    •   Star-Crossed Myth  

    • "It all started with a sin...
      The tale of the frighteningly beautiful
      gods of the stars. "

      The lights of Tokyo blot out the stars.
      One night, you notice a sparkling star,
      and the beautiful gods of the stars appear.
      The gods should have everything.
      But what they need from you... is love.

    •   Enchanted in the Moonlight  

    • "Is he only after my power?
      Or is this love real...?"

      You live a normal life until the day
      you're attacked by otherworldly ayakashi,
      intent on stealing the special power
      you were born with.
      Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi,
      five very handsome ones!

      The Tengu
      (a black-winged demon)

    •   Be My Princess 2  

    • "I'll make you a Princess
      the whole world will love."

      You're just a pastry chef,
      until you go to a royal party and end up as
      a prince's prospective bride!
      "Take my hand, Princess"

      Hayden A. Spencer
      Sieg Lieben

    •    Sakura Amidst Chaos  

    • "A love story that changes history. "

      In a time of war...
      The strongest warriors appear to
      bring peace to the land...
      and you meet the man of your destiny.

      Oda Nobunaga
      Date Masamune

    •   10 Days with My Devil  

    • Ready to make a deal with the devil?

      When demons suddenly come for your soul,
      you make a deal to extend your life,
      "I'll belong to you for 10 days."
      Spending your last 10 days on earth with a demon...
      Who would've thought that love could bloom?

      Shiki Kurobane
      This straight-talking demon is sweeter than he looks.
      Satoru Kamagari
      The cool, alpha-male demon.

    •   A Knight's Devotion  

    • I swear loyalty to you, my princess.

      The Middle Ages.
      You live in a small village in the countryside.
      One day, you suddenly find yourself attacked
      by a group of men dressed in black...
      and five royal knights save your life!
      "We've come for you, Your Royal Highness."
      ...Me... a princess!?
      During your journey with the knights,
      you develop feelings for one of your protectors...

      A sophisticated knight of integrity.
      A mysterious knight with still-unseen hidden strength.

    •   Be My Princess  

    • I want you to become the princess of my country.

      You were just a normal college kid
      until the day you met a prince.
      You're invited to a party where you meet the princes
      of the six kingdoms and suddenly find yourself closer
      to royalty than you ever expected!
      What will be the fate of a love between you
      and a future king who carries the fate of his country?

      The eternally-cool prince among princes.
      The silent and mature prince.

  •    Irresistible Mistakes  

  • "Can true love start with a one-night stand?"

    I should never have done that...
    He was a total stranger.
    I didn’t even know his name.
    But we spent the night together...!
    It was just a huge mistake.
    There could never be anything between us!
    Or so I thought...

    "I want to see you again tonight..."

    That simple text from him was just the
    beginning of an incredible love affair...

    Shuichiro Tachibana
    Toshiaki Kijima

    •   Dangerous Seduction  

    • When your life is on the line,
      can you trust a criminal to keep you safe?

      Your father is dead, killed in an accident months ago.
      When you are attacked out of nowhere, you are saved
      by 5 of the most notorious criminals in Japan.

      They tell you that your father's death was no accident,
      and the men who killed him are now after you.

      One of them is chosen to guard you day and night, at
      least until their contract is up. But now you are at
      risk of losing your heart as well as your life!

      Masaharu Ryuzaki
      Yasumi Arimura

    •   Butler Until Midnight  

    • You‘ve moved into an apartment that comes
      with attractive butlers?!

      Hot tea, silky linens-
      these men are here for you...
      You would never guess what they're
      hiding beneath the elegant smiles!

      Yuma Akagi
      Charismatic & duplicitous
      Aoi Shirafuji
      Calculating & aristocratic

    •   My Last First Kiss  

    • From now on, we're more than friends…

      Even after all these years,
      you haven't forgotten about the first guy you loved.
      After reuniting with him, you try confessing your feelings,
      but he turns you down. Luckily the friends you grew up
      with are there to support you...but it's not long until
      you become more than just friends...

      Ayato Hidaka
      Ichiya Misono

    •    My Wedding and 7 Rings  

    • "The Red Thread of Destiny
      who holds the other end?
      7 would be grooms!?"

      7 elite men suddenly propose to you!? And so it begins...
      The Savage Marriage Game. You have been ordered...
      to pick one of these marry within the year!
      A loveless marriage? NEVER! So you told yourself, but...
      The Marriage Game is your path to true love!

      Asahi Kakyouin
      Yamato Kougami

    •   Scandal in the Spotlight  

    • "You're our accomplice now... "

      Everyone's favorite boy band...
      Who knew the songs they were singing
      were written by you!
      Your secret dealings with the celebrities
      you once thought were untouchable start now...

      Kyohei Rikudoh
      Iori Enjo

    •   Her Love in the Force  

    • "Your instructor's orders are absolute! "

      You've landed in the Police Academy...
      that's filled only with men!
      The super-strict instructors will train you
      in their policy of discipline with love!

      Syusuke Soma

    •   True Love Sweet Lies  

    • "A lie like that,
      makes me want to be deceived. "

      Just when your career as a photographer is taking off,
      you meet five handsome and mysterious...liars!
      Can true love grow from a lie?

      Kiyoharu Nanahoshi
      The self-important mechanic
      Sakuya Nanahoshi

    •   Love Letter from Thief X  

    • "This time they're out to get… you!? "

      You're a curator at work
      when a group of infamous thieves break
      into the museum!
      And what they're after are YOUR fingerprints!?
      The hacker with a wicked streak,
      the nice young man who serves as their sniper,
      the mischievous man who looks like he's twenty,
      and the narcissistic leader of the group--
      experience a thrilling romance
      with this charming group of thieves.

      Takuto Hirukawa
      This genius hacker acts tough to hide how much
      Riki Yanase
      The cocky leader of the thieves.

    •   Finally, in Love Again  

    • "For my birthday, I got...
      Love for the first time in 10 years!? "

      You've been wrapped up in your job,
      and your love life has fallen by the wayside.
      When you meet a guy who's crazy for you,
      love won't wait anymore!

      Aki Fujishima
      Yoh Kobayakawa

    •   Metro PD: Close to You  

    • "Starting today, you're with me. "

      Working a case, facing danger together...
      Could this be love?

      An ultra-confident,
      elite detective.
      The kind boss with
      a spotty past.

    •   Serendipity Next Door  

    • Midnight on the balcony,
      Our secret time together...

      Life in your apartment building is nothing special
      until a famous musician suddenly moves in.
      You get to know the other tenants better,
      and the love story you were destined to live begins!

      Masaomi Hibiya
      Shinobu Narita
      The Flirty Building Manager

    •   Kissed by the Baddest Bidder  

    • "I own you."The worst first impression ever!

      After you end up as one of the items
      for sale at a black-market auction,
      your life with the rich and dangerous begins!

      Eisuke Ichinomiya
      The Cold-Hearted Millionarie
      Soryu Oh

    •   Our Two Bedroom Story  

    • Living with a guy... from work!?

      Your mom has some special news, and as a result,
      you're moving in with a stranger --
      who turns out to be no stranger at all.
      It's a guy from work!
      Your secret life together is about to begin...

      Minato Okouchi
      Kaoru Kirishima

    •   My Forged Wedding  

    • "Please, pretend to be my wife, just for a month."
      You're suddenly asked to enter into a fake marriage.
      Pretending to be newlyweds is hard at first
      but as the days go by you find yourselves
      more and more drawn to each other.

      Yamato Kougami
      An attitude hides this teacher's underlying loneliness.
      Takamasa Saeki
      A screenwriter who lives to tease.

    •   Kiss of Revenge  

    • If only I hadn't realized…I'm in love.

      You’re a doctor, working at a major hospital in Tokyo.
      Your only goal is to take revenge on those responsible
      for the medical error that killed your mother.
      Everything is going as planned,
      until you fall in love…

      Issei Sezaki
      A man of few words, the cool, expert surgeon.
      Junpei Miyashita
      A sincere, kind person, your childhood friend.