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Luis Armand Garcia better known as Max Lopez by his participation on the TV Series “George Lopez” is an American child actor who seems to have finished his acting career at the age of 15. Luis Armand Garcia was born in LaGrange, Illinois on March 9, 1992. He is just one of a family of six children who have also started an acting career. On his teens, it is said that Luis Armand has been able to maintain a well-balanced life. Attending to school he holds an A average and is part of the football team. He also finds time to skateboard and golf. Skating inspired him to launch a new line of skate wear on the spring of 2006. He also was invited to play on the celebrity golf tournament. He finished high school in 2010 and as far as it is known he had no further studies.

On the good side, Luis Armand is known to appear on charity events. Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Heart Association have seen him engaged giving back to the community, but he decided to make a foundation of his own. The Hands on Horses association was created to help American Foster Children, and the most of his charity time is invested on this project.

On the bad side, as most child actors who get involved in car accidents and drunken scandals, Luis Armand Garcia is no exception. He was arrested in 2012 for disorderly conduct at his home in Stevenson Ranch. This happened after neighbor’s complaint of a loud party. He was found drunk and just immediately arrested.

He has a son named Max, but it is unknown if he is married or remains single, and who Max’s mother is. He must have piled up some money, but his salary acting as Max Lopez and total net worth has not been disclosed.

Acting Career

Luis Armand Garcia only holds 3 credits as actor, all of them on TV series. “ER” had him when he made his debut back in 2000.

His participation as Max Lopez, a starring character in “George Lopez” was the character that launched him to fame. He also appeared as Max on the TV Series “Freddie” in 2006, and Chevrolet hired him for publicity to appear in TV commercials.

Nominations and Recognitions

The Young Artist Awards had Luis Armand Garcia nominated under the Young Actor Ten or Under category, to be recognized as Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) in 2003 by his participation on “George Lopez”, This comedian series is starred by George Lopez with a character of his same name along with Constance Marie playing as George’s wife Angie Lopez. With 6 seasons, starting in 2002 this is known to be the most lasting Latin series ever aired.

Luis Armand has other artistic skills. He designed the G-Lo Mickey Mouse that Walt Disney Company selected to tour across the country. This was part of a collection of Mickey Mouses' designs made by other celebrities including John Travolta, Ellen DeGeneres and Raven. This collection was auctioned for charity right after the tour.