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The sun is out and the temperature is just perfect, so seize the longer days, right? There’s something so liberating about summer and wanting to do more things while the sun is seemingly shining endlessly. What better way to celebrate (and appreciate!) summer than to do things you don’t normally do! So, we’ve come up with our own crazy summer bucket list ideas!

Go skydiving! 

So this has been on your bucket list for too long now; it’s time to finally cross it out! Take control of your own fear and take the leap! Literally.

Read a classic novel outside.

This may not strictly classify as a crazy summer bucket list idea, but when was the last time you read and finished a classic work of literature? Head down to the pool or beach or your own backyard with a classic novel. For ultimate feminism, here are three suggestions: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath; Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Master a vegetarian dish.

Pick out a simple vegetarian dish. Add a twist or tweak it until it’s so good you can’t wait to brag about it at the next potluck dinner!

Redecorate with color.

Grab a brush and paint one whole wall your favorite bright color! This one’s going to be a mood booster. Buying that ottoman with the funky bright print is also a great idea.

Attend a professional baseball game.

Go the whole nine yards with this guys’ activity. Grab all the girlfriends you can and enjoy the game with some beer and hotdogs! Give this a shot even if this is such a regular one for all the guys.


Whether it’s at the local animal shelter or camp for kids to talk about your skills and passion, share your time to help. The experience is fulfilling and rewarding. You get to learn a lot about yourself while giving.

Travel spontaneously.

Grab your best friend and head off somewhere new! Don’t plan it; just get out of your comfort zone and indulge in the unfamiliar. Who knows who you might meet and what adventure awaits. No summer bucket list will be complete without some traveling.

Host a slumber party for your closest girlfriends.

When was the last time you had a slumber party? Exactly. Slumber parties are for kids, but who says you can’t enjoy one? It’s a chance to reconnect with girlfriends now that your priorities have shifted to family and career.

Go on and ask that guy out.

Even if making the first move has never been your thing, remember that the biggest regrets are always what you didn’t do over what you did do. This could be the first step to a summer fling.

A different shot at dating.

Never been on a blind date? Ask help from friends to set you up. Or sign up for a dating site. Give dating a different approach if only just once, and enjoy. It’s summer and you’re single; this has to be among your summer bucket list ideas.

Start an exercise program.

Sign up for a yoga class, or crossfit training. Maybe even tennis. Try to discover an exercise program you truly enjoy.

Attend a music festival or a concert.

Clubs and bars don’t count. Go to a music festival or concert where you get to truly appreciate raw and real music. This idea is definitely for those of us whose idea of music and partying is clubbing.

Camping at the beach.

Rest and relaxation at the beach wouldn’t have cut this list of ideas, and a summer bucket list wouldn’t be complete without some activity at the beach, so camping at the beach it is. No better way to honor the summer season that by enjoying the sand and saltwater haven.

Identify at least three constellations

And while you’re at the beach, take advantage of the nightsky, which is only as vibrant and visible away from the city lights.


This may be the most challenging on the list, but our list would not be complete without some serious challenge. Unplug from the Internet and your mobile phone for at least three days. A week would be great. Take time out to live without the gadgets you have come to depend on for at least a few days.

Get an idea or take our full list of 15 summer bucket list ideas, and above all, have fun! As the saying goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”