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Football, soccer, basketball, and more... our athletes in some of our famous sports are talented beyond measure. On top of that, they are steamy, sexy, and seductive, at least behind the camera. Not only do they have the talent, but they also have the looks! Think of Sports Illustrated or any men's magazine with a shirtless David Beckham or Tom Brady graced across the cover. It is as if their talent just makes them a hundred times sexier.

But they say the best men have an even better woman standing behind them-- and those women are a thousand times sexier than their famously talented other halves could ever think of being! Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham, Carrie Underwood, and more stars married famous athletes and doubled the sexy. Below we outline twenty of the steamiest wives of famous athletes. Some you may have heard of. Some are going to be brand new faces. Either way, prepare to be amazed.

20 Lauren Tannehill: Ryan's Favorite Thing

Lauren Tannehill is one on our list that isn't famous for her own things as much as she is for her good quality looks and her marriage to quarterback Ryan Tannehill. She is an aspiring model that burst onto the scene in 2015 when Tannehill was signed to the Miami Dolphins team. The two lovebirds met in 2009 and married three years later in early 2012. When Tannehill became famous, the internet went crazy over Lauren's attractive looks and slim physique, with many saying Ryan was the lucky one and not the other way around. We have to say we don't disagree! The young blonde has modeled workout clothes, wedding gowns, and as you can see above, even did a photo shoot in the Dolphins' colors in support of Ryan and his team. What a good wife!

19 Kayla Ray Reid: Ryan Lochte's Wife And Baby Momma

Kayla Rae Reid is known for being the supportive and incredibly attractive girlfriend of Ryan Lochte during his infamous Rio scandal. Reid never left his side during the whole debacle and was always his supporter from the moment everything happened and through it to eventually lead them both out of the other side of it. The two announced their engagement in October 2016 and a few months after that announced that Reid was pregnant with their first child. Reid is known for her work as a Playmate before she met and fell in love with Lochte. All we know is he got very lucky with her! It is rumored the two even met on Tinder! Cheers to the happy couple and congratulations on their bundle of joy.

18 Candice Crawford: Blonde Bombshell For Romo

With her thin frame and bleach blonde hair, Candice Crawford is a force to be reckoned with in the modeling world. She is the equally attractive sister of actor Chace Crawford known best for his role in Gossip Girl and is also now known for being famous Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's wife. In her own career, her big goal in the early 2000s was to win Miss USA after she became Miss Missouri and, even though she did not achieve that goal, she still made it to the Top 10 in 2008. Then, in 2009, she began dating Romo. The two got hitched in May 2011 and have since had three beautiful children, all boys. Crawford lives a relatively quiet life now while Romo is the breadwinner of the family.

17 Brooklyn Decker: Tenacious Tennis Wife

Brooklyn Decker is a powerhouse talent of her own, but just wait until you hear who she married. Decker started out as a model, making a name for herself in Sports Illustrated and with Victoria's Secret. She got her big acting break in Just Go With It alongside Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. She has gone on to star in What To Expect When You're Expecting and the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, among other shows. In 2007, she began dating Andy Roddick, the famous United States tennis player. He won the coveted title at the US Open in 2003 and was once named the number one tennis player in the world! They got married in 2009 and had their first child in 2015. They also announced this summer that they are expecting their second child! Between their talent and flawless looks, the Roddick kids are sure to wow when they grow up, just like their momma!

16 Victoria Beckham: Football Femme Fatale

How can you talk about sexy and steamy athlete wives without talking about Victoria Beckham? She was famous all on her own before her superstar soccer player husband came into play; that's for sure. Beckham is one-fifth of the Spice Girls, arguably one of the most popular girl groups (and maybe groups) of all-time. They had famous hits like Wannabe and Two Become One-- and even had their own movie, Spice World. In 1997, she began dating David Beckham after a brief relationship with Corey Haim. They were married at an Irish castle in 1999 after having their first child, a son named Brooklyn, just a few months before. In England, they are essentially the celebrity version of the king and queen. Throughout the world, they are one of fashion's most successful and attractive couples of all-time! And with Victoria's sexy dark looks and long legs, it's easy to see why.

15 Julianne Hough: Famous Dancer And Her Ice Hockey Hubby

Julianne Hough is famous all on her own. She became a famous dancer at an incredibly young age, going on to win Dancing with the Stars seasons four and five before branching out to acting and eventually judging more recent Dancing with the Stars contestants. She famously dated Ryan Seacrest for many years with several fans shocked when the two called it quits. But, luckily, Hough found her happily ever after in ice hockey player Brooks Laich, whom she married in July 2017. Steamy is an understatement when describing Hough, as her slim physique as a dancer and smoldering eyes as a model make her one of the sexiest stars of our current time. Here's to hoping her and Brooks have beautiful hockey playing and dancing babies together!

14 Hayden Panetierre: Boxing Beauty

Hayden Panetierre, like many women on our list, has talent beyond her successful relationship with her athlete husband. She was steamy and sexy as a young actress and is even sexier now that she is a wife and a mother. Panetierre is famous for her take of a football player's daughter in Remember the Titans, as well as roles in IcePrincess and Scream4. She also starred in TV shows like Heroes and, most recently, Nashville. She met famous heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko in 2010 and the two began dating. After a brief split, they reconciled, got engaged, and had a beautiful daughter all by the end of 2014. Making her even sexier was her open battle with postpartum depression, with Panetierre even admitting to checking into a facility for treatment against her depression. We give her kudos for being so strong and open!

13 Jessie James: Eric Decker's Country Songstress

Jessie James Decker is famous these days for her sexy and lovable relationship with football player Eric Decker. They have an E! reality television show that is very popular titled Eric and Jessie: Game On which chronicles their daily life as two celebrities living a semi-normal life (think the 2010's version of Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica). Before this fame, however, Jessie James was just someone that wanted to make it in Nashville. She was an avid songwriter and started singing at the young age of two. It was something she always loved. She most recently released a second album in late 2017. Along with her talent, James is a force to be reckoned with, as she has had two kids and still looks virtually flawless. Eric Decker is a lucky man on and off the field!

12 Anna Burns: Patriots' Player Provocative Wife

Anna Burns isn't a very popular name, at least not as popular as some on this list. She truly is known for being the hot wife of famous New England Patriots player Wes Welker. Infamously, she is known for her Facebook rant after a playoff game in early 2013 after the Patriots lost to the Ravens. She throws major shade at Ray Lewis for his many wives and children, as well as makes a comment regarding the rumor that he paid someone off for murder. Damn! If nothing else, Burns is salty. Before she became a overly supportive wife, Burns was a model most famous for her title as "Miss Hooters International". The two have been married since 2012 and currently have no kids, but she is a sexy babe either way!

11 Gisele Bundchen: Tom Brady's Model Mogul

Who hasn't heard of Gisele and Tom? They are one of the most famous couples on the planet, both equally talented in their own right. Tom Brady, Gisele's athletic football playing husband, started playing as the first-string quarterback for the New England Patriots in 2000. He is arguably the most talented quarterback of all time, winning three super bowl rings over the last 17 years and still counting. On the other hand, Gisele Bundchen is his wife as well as a famous model, widely known for her Victoria's Secret fashion show catwalks among many other ad campaigns. The two got married in 2009 after dating for there years and together have two kids, a boy and a girl. Gisele is arguably one of the sexiest and most popular women of all time.

10 Adriana Lima: Victoria's Secret Is Seducing An Athlete

Adriana Lima, similar to Gisele who is also on our steamy wives list, is known for her modeling talent and work, most notably as a Victoria's Secret Angel on the famous catwalk. In fact, she was only 18 during her first runway show in 1999. She tends to keep a private life also, but has been featured in several ad campaigns over her last 20 years of modeling. Lima met the NBA player known as Marko Janc in the summer of 2008 and they married just months later. They went on to have two daughters together before they announced their separation in 2014, so even though Lima isn't currently an athlete's wife, she is most definitely worth adding to the list because of her incredibly beautiful dark, strong, and leggy features.

9 Bridgette Wilson: Billy Madison Teacher Takes The Cake

Does Bridgette Wilson look familiar? If you are an avid movie watcher, a fan of the 1990s,  or a fan of Adam Sandler, then she absolutely should! Wilson is most famous and known for her role as Billy Madison's teacher, Veronica Vaughn in the 1995 movie BillyMadison. She went on to play in I Know What You Did Last Summer as the poor older sister that gets murdered and The Wedding Planner as the uptight wife that doesn't get the guy in the end. In 2000, she married tennis player Pete Sampras. They have two sons and currently reside in Bel Air, California. Wilson hasn't had an acting role since 2008, almost ten years. She stays at home and takes care of her children who are now teenagers, so unfortunately for us her steamy features and sexy looks seem to be hidden for now.

8 Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett: Hank's Playboy Cutie

In this day and age, if you don't know of Kendra and her past, you have at least heard her name, probably. She became famous as one of three of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on the E! channel's reality show The Girls Next Door. After this show ended and she split from Hefner to venture out on her own, she got her own reality show Kendra and eventually Kendra on Top. In 2008 rumors swirled that she was engaged to Hank Baskett, a professional football player. The two married in 2009 and had two beautiful children together. It was also rumored more recently that Hank cheated on Kendra, but despite these rumors, the two remain a steamy and attractive couple today, helping each other to raise their two kids while still living somewhat in the spotlight.

7 Carrie Underwood: Mike Fisher's Country Superstar

Carrie Underwood, arguably one of country music's most talented and famous artists, is another woman on our list that happened to find love with an athlete but was a superstar of her own long before that. After a brief relationship with football player Tony Romo, Underwood took a break from dating. Then, in 2008, she met hockey player Mike Fisher at one of her concerts. Not even a year later the two were engaged as he proposed with a flawless canary diamond. They got married in the summer of 2010 and waited a few years before finally having a baby. A son, Isaiah, was born in February of 2015. Most recently, Fisher has retired from hockey and Underwood has reportedly been working on her next album. Not only is she a vocal powerhouse and comedic genius when partnered with Brad Paisley, Underwood is virtually flawless physically, with long blonde locks and a smoldering sexy look that she can turn sweet or seductive at any moment.

6 Abigail Clancy: Mega Sexy Model Marries Famous Soccer Player

Abigail Clancy, born in 1986, is known for her marriage to soccer player Peter Crouch. Like the Beckhams, the two originate from England. Clancy's dream is to become a world-renowned model like many of our steamy wives on this list. She started her modeling career on Britain's Next Top Model, a spinoff of America's Next Top Model, and she placed second. She has since modeled for Sports Illustrated, Elle, Esquire, and Marie Claire, as well as many ad campaigns. After getting engaged to Crouch in 2009, the two had their first child, a daughter named Sophia, and soon married in 2011 before having another daughter, Liberty, in the summer of 2015. Clancy is known for her bombshell looks, modeling chops, and skinny but tan physique.

5 Niki Taylor: Model And NASCAR Wife

Niki Taylor is an incredibly successful model that just happened to marry an athlete. She started her modeling career at the young age of 13 in Florida, which is where she was born. Now, at the age of 42, Taylor has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Seventeen, Allure, and Marie Claire, among many others. She has had ad campaigns with companies like Versace, Anne Klein, and CoverGirl. The woman is unstoppable in the modeling world. In the 90s, Taylor dated a football player, Matt Martinez, and had two children with him before calling it quits. Then, Taylor began dating NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. They were married in 2006. What man don't know about Taylor is her struggles after a car accident in 2001. It resulted in 56 surgeries and extensive physical therapy. So, not only is Taylor a sexy and successful model, but she is a warrior too!

4 Gabrielle Union: Basketball Babe

Another sexy wife on our list that has a talent of her own, Gabrielle Union is a famous actress known for her roles in Bad Boys II, Bring It On, and Think Like A Man. She has a knack for the dramatic but can also do comedy with an ease as well. Union dated NBA player Jason Kidd when she was just a teenager, but the two split before she graduated high school. In 1999, she met NFL player Chris Howard and the two married before soon getting divorced in 2006. Now, she is the sexy wife of athlete and famous basketball player Dwayne Wade, whom she married in the summer of 2014. There was major controversy surrounding their relationship because when they were on a break, Wade fathered a child with another woman. Here's to hoping the two can make it last!

3 Nikki Bella: Regal Wrestling Warrior

Nikki Bella is a wrestling warrior in her own right, so it is no surprise that she began dating wrestler turned actor John Cena in 2012. They recently got engaged in April 2017, so even though Bella is not technically a sexy and steamy athlete's wife just yet, we still think she deserves a spot on our list. Nikki and her twin sister Bri both wrestle for WWE. Specifically, Nikki is a two-time WWE Divas champion, so in other words, she is a badass! Most recently, she is known for returning to the ring after a long pause in her career due to surgery. Meanwhile, Cena is currently a free agent in the wrestling world and has roles in movies like Trainwreck, Daddy's Home, and in a more serious role, The Marine. Here's to hoping the two get hitched in 2018 and have cute little wrestling babies!

2 Kristin Cavallari: Sexy Reality Star Turned Hot Athlete's Wife

Hot damn! Kristin Cavallari has her own talent to contend with, but we just cannot get over how steamy and sexy she really is! Cavallari is known for being one of the teenagers who became famous on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach in the late 2000s. Just like Stephen Coletti and Lauren Conrad, Cavallari capitalized on her fame and wrote books, starred in television shows, and developed fashion lines to make her fame long lasting. She is currently in the process of releasing a cookbook. In 2013 at the age of 26, Cavallari married famous football star Jay Cutler who was the quarterback for the Chicago Bears and is currently the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. They have three children together, two boys and a little girl, who are sure to grow up to be just as gorgeous as their celebrity parents!

1 Erin Andrews: Just Married A Famous NHL Star

Erin Andrews is well-known in the media world for her sideline reporting during big and exciting NFL games, MLB games, and even NASCAR races. She is also a television personality that began work as the co-host of Dancing With the Stars in 2014 and is still the co-host with Tom Bergeron today. She is also known in the media for the widely publicized incident in which she was videotaped in her hotel room by a random man. She was awarded over $50 million dollars after the trial for this incident concluded. She started dating hockey player Jarrett Stoll in 2012 and lots of rumors circulated about his drug use throughout their relationship. However, the two held on to each other, and most recently got married this summer. Stoll is certainly one lucky guy as Andrews is not only smart and into sports, but she is steamy and sexy in her own great way!


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