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The Bogotano bar-hopper really is spoilt for choice, the lucky thing, as this reveller can choose to down spirituous liquor at crazy underground dives, cooler-than-cool hipster joints, or swanky cocktail lounges. Anything from cheap and raucously cheerful to outrageously decadent establishments are just waiting for your patronage. And that’s just the bars in Bogota. We haven’t even started talking about the clubs.

Faithful old Candelaria is packed full of charm, but also places to get silly in. A great option is to head to the student bars around “The Funnel,” an old, crazily narrow street frequented by university students, who crowd into little funky bars which play metal, punk, and salsa in delightful randomness. Happening Chapinero has cornered the game on cool, with its heady mix of hipster and gay bars, as well as great little clubs. Further north, around Zona T, there is a bewildering array of classy bars, big and small, and some of the best clubs in town. Special mention must also be made of Bogotá Beer Company’s chain of pubs, where world-class, locally brewed beer of all the best varieties is served with obvious pride.

Speaking of the Bogotá nightlife, and, finally, of clubs in Bogota, gets us excited. Top-notch house is served up to those in the know at Radio Berlin (take your sunglasses to hide from the sunrise as you finally stumble out for a cab). Armando Records is a classier rooftop option, with great tunes. Sweaty El Candelario looks after the clubbing needs of the area it’s named after, while La Villa in Zona Rosa has a great “language exchange” afternoon on “Gringo” Tuesdays, that quickly turns into non-stop dancing to an eclectic mix of music. Bogotá’s love of salsa is in evidence at Galeria Café Libro, while Theatron in Chapinero is massive, and packed. And then there’s also Andres Carne de Res out there in Chia, always spoken of in hushed tones, which richly deserves its reputation for an over-the-top, crankingly good time.

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