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Upcoming Actions And Events

BAWIB marched on Black Friday!

BAWIB had a great turnout on Black Friday, Nov. 24, 2017, in San Francisco's Union Square. Our theme was "Let's unite to end illegal occupation!" Signs were provided. puppets were present, and many flyers were distributed!

Innovation Fair, Aug 30, 2015

On August 30, BAWiB was joined by Women in Black from Berkeley and San Francisco as well as members of JVP, Sabeel, and QUIT, to protest the day-long, so-called "Innovation Fair" staged at the David Brower Center in Berkeley by the Israeli government. Our signs expressed the irony of the use of the term "innovation" juxtaposed with the practices of apartheid imposed by the Israeli government on Palestinians. As the goal of the fair was to recruit students for internships in Israel's technology industry, our flier listed and illustrated Israel's uses of technology to perpetuate the occupation. Berkeley police had been notified and they acknowledged our right to free speech and assembly, and security guards hired by the Brower Center assured our safety, threatened only by name-calling, finger-pointing, and the occasional destruction of fliers. KPFA radio interviewed a couple of us and portions of the interviews were broadcast on the 6 pm news.

BAWIB's Jean Pauline honored by Friends of Sabeel--North America!

Bay Area Women in Black are very proud to announce that the Northern California branch of the Friends of Sabeel -- North America, have chosen Jean Pauline and three Northern California Women in Black groups to receive their Awards for Activism on Behalf of A Just Peace in Palestine. The other individual receiving the award will be Barbara Lubin, of Middle East Children's Alliance.

The awards will be presented at NorCal Friends of Sabeel's Annual Gala, Jazz for Palestine, in Oakland, California, on Nov. 9. Jean Pauline is one of the founders of Bay Area Women in Black and, at age 92, is a life-long activist, truly deserving of this award.




Since April 7, 2007, Bay Area Women in Black has been standing vigil in front of the Grand Lake Theater every Saturday, from 12-1 with banners and signs, offering visible opposition to both the U.S. Occupation of Iraq and the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Please come join us any Saturday.

We are all increasingly alarmed at the dishonest explanations for the U.S. military expansion in Iraq, the growing possibility of an invasion into Iran, increasing political corruption, torture and other forms of collective punishment, the destruction of houses and agricultural lands, expulsions and illegal imprisonment. Similar concerns exist as the Israeli government and military continue to expropriate Palestinian land and water, demolish homes and create an disparate road system, engaging in practices that dishonor international law, . These actions intensify an on-going loss of Iraqi and Palestinian life, livelihood and hope. In addition to their illegality, the policies employed in Israel and Iraq fail to bring peace or security to anyone.

WE NEED EACH OF YOU TO JOIN US as we use the powerful presence of our vigil to bring attention to the costs, political, economic and moral, of these two occupations that increasingly resemble each other. It is no longer simply enough to be educated about the issues or to agree with progressive writers and thinkers. With increasingly aggressive war language, monies spent, lives lost, and scarce efforts to engage honest dialogue, visible action is required. Bay Area Women in Black urges an aroused citizenry to be on the streets. Every single week. We must insist that the Congress and Senate fulfill their duty to represent their constituents. All of us, including Jews and allies, who insist that peace and justice are possible, must counter those who use name-calling and heated rhetoric. We can show that dialogue is the way forward and speaking out is necessary.

Letters of Solidarity:

BAWIB invites you to submit letters of support and solidarity to the peace and justice activists in Israel, Palestine and Lebanon struggling so hard to be heard. Women around the world have been exchanging these since the start of the Lebanon invasion. We invite you to add your words and thoughts and BAWIB will forward them. At a time where the voices of peace, justice and dialogue are being drowned out in the madness of Israeli revenge and massive retaliation against the citizens of Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, it is all the more important to support the women who take strength from the tangible reminders of our connection, solidarity and commitment to a global movement for peace, justice and a future for all our peoples. See BAWIB's Statement of Solidarity.

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