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DESPITE a massive cult following, everyone’s favourite Gossip Girl boy still struggles to find love.

“I’m still very single,” insists Ed Westwick, who currently stars as a serial killer on the upcoming TV show, Wicked City. “No one will have me,” he laments.

But surely women are throwing themselves at the former heart-throb?

“No,” he shakes his head, laughing.

The 28-year-old British hunk seems to be searching for the same relationship requisites as any of us. “Just confidence and tenderness,” he says.

You probably remember the British star as Gossip Girl’s upper class bad boy Chuck Bass. The teen drama series which ran for five years, ending in 2012, made a household name of Westwick overnight.

“It was a weird experience. I remember the building I’d moved into in New York had a billboard of the cast on it,” he recalls, laughing. “On the actual building I lived in.”

“I tried to enjoy that part of instant fame but there were aspects of it, like coming out of your apartment in the morning and being photographed which was annoying. I know that it goes with the territory but I’d never had an experience like it. I geeked out a bit. It was a crazy time. And of course your life changes when stuff like that happens,” he says. “Gossip girl was a fantastic part of my life but it’s very much behind me now.”

Does Westwick still hang out with his fellow cast members?

“Absolutely. I was with Chace last Saturday night doing Karaoke. I was singing Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley and I killed it,” he laughs. What was the score?

“The score? Well, I always win, of course.”

Unlike many celebrities who take to fame like a duck to water, he says of his years as a heart-throb: “I was 19 years old and I really wasn’t confident in the way I looked, to be honest. I mean, my mother told me that I was lovely but that was it. So it was difficult”.

“I’m not somebody who’s egotistical. I mean, we’re all vain to a degree but I’m in no way vain about how I look. I don’t wake up in the morning and go, ‘Hmm you look good’,” he said.

During his years on Gossip Girl, he was in an on-again off-again romance with co-star Jessica Szohr, and in between, he was linked to Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin, with whom he stars in the upcoming thriller Take Down about a college campus taken hostage.

Westwick moved from New York City to California after the demise of Gossip Girl. “I love living in LA. Pretty much every day you can go walking and the sun is always shining. I’m from England, so of course I appreciate that. I was on the phone with my family yesterday and it’s definitely not warm there.”

As if on cue, his iPhone rings. Apologising, he sends a quick text. It seems that social media plays a big part in his life. Westwick has a large following on Twitter and Instagram. In fact, David Duchovny had posted a tweet about Westwick being one of his ‘favourite students.’ What was that about?

Westwick laughs. “I did an episode of Californication where I was a student and I was in love with him. And I still am,” he jokes. “David’s amazing. He’s always been very supportive of me.”

It’s widely thought that Gossip Girl helped to revolutionise social media.

“To some degree we all want to be liked, right? We all want some attention and in this day and age you can get that through Facebook likes or Instagram likes. Actually, I remember a very big part of the first season was the flip phone and everyone was communicating with one another. I feel like the show was very relevant and of its time in relation to tweeting and eventually Instagram. We were picking up on the external environment.

“And despite how extreme the storylines could be at times, and perhaps unbelievable,” he laughs, “I’m very pleased with the success of the show. It was a very satisfying thing and I loved that New York really embraced us.”