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Quit Wasting Your Time with Dating Apps and Websites that Lower Your Value and Barely Get You Noticed

Are you TIRED of spending hours on typical dating apps like Tinder and POF and barely getting noticed?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: every other guy is too. That's because the ratio of attractive women to men on dating sites is TINY! Women see internet dating as a last resort for losers who can't meet people in the real world.

This means the VAST MAJORITY of women using online dating fall into these two categories:

  • The ones who are DESPERATE, usually because they are fat, ugly, or old.
  • ATTENTION WHORES who will waste your time and never actually show up on dates.

Even the FEW hot girls who actually want to meet somebody will inevitably think every guy on the dating site is a loser just because they're on there in the first place. Most of them end up disillusioned and NEVER MEET ANYONE.

Dating websites and apps are a DISASTER for men!

But what if I told you that you could still meet girls online, but in a place where women outnumber men by a huge margin ANDwithout the negative stigma attached to online dating??

Behold the power of INSTAGRAM!

There are 500 MILLION USERS on Instagram. Every day there are literally MILLIONS OF BEAUTIFUL GIRLS frittering away their time sharing selfies on Instagram in between wondering why they can't seem to find any HIGH QUALITY men.


My name is Christian Grey, and I've been a pickup artist (PUA) for the last 8 years. After an enormous amount of trial and error, I've developed a COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM to show you exactly how to build an Instagram profile that screams HIGH QUALITY MAN to girls in a way that suits you as a unique individual.

I show you how to QUICKLY AND EASILY build social proof that women find IRRESISTIBLE. I show you how to find the women in your area that will be MOST RECEPTIVE TO YOU and YOUR UNIQUE STYLE.

AND I show you how to contact them, chat them up, and get them to MEET YOU FOR A DATE. Start the program TODAY, and blast your love life to levels you NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!

These are just A FEW OF THE BENEFITS of this revolutionary program:

Find and meet HOT LOCAL GIRLS for dating, relationships, hookups, etc.

Show MASSIVE SOCIAL PROOF to girls you already know and want to attract

Build an INTERNATIONAL HAREM of the hottest women around the world

INCREASE ATTRACTION in girls you meet in other ways

Have GIRLS COME TO YOU instead of always being the chaser


While I'm at it, I'm going to let you in another little secret: girls DON'T REALLY CARE very much about looks or money

Surprised? I know, it sounds counterintuitive. That's because us guys are simple. We are attracted to women that are young and hot. So we tend to assume that women work the same way. But think about it for a minute.

In a world where tons of good looking guys are total dweebs, and most of the rich guys are just boring nerds who happened to make money building smartphone apps, women are looking for SOMETHING ELSE.

What is that something else? In a word: STATUS.

Ever seen a woman fawning over some celebrity and think "Damn, that guy is UGLY!" Or a hot girl falls head over heels in love with some broke asshole who makes her pay his bills?

I've seen it a million times. Guys with no looks or no money that get SMOKING HOT GIRLS, while good looking rich guys look on with envy. These guys have managed to convey HIGH STATUS.

Conveying high status comes naturally to some guys, but for the rest of us who weren't born lucky, we have to learn. And the good news is that this is a skill that CAN BE LEARNED with a bit of dedication.

While conveying high status is practically impossible on dating sites and apps, due to the automatic "loser" assumption, it is entirely possible on INSTAGRAM. I show you EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT.

Demonstrating high status involves showing the following:

In my program, I show you how to set up EVERY PART of your Instagram profile to show these sexy, masculine qualities.

From your pictures to your picture captions to your profile description to GETTINGTONSOF WOMEN to leave gushing comments on your content (which is MASSIVE SOCIAL PROOF).

The best part is that it's EASY! You can portray yourself as LIVING A DREAM LIFE with hot babes drooling all over you on Instagram, even if in reality you work a boring corporate desk job, only get two weeks of vacation a year, and don't have much success with women.

The key is to FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!

If you follow my program, you absolutely will make it. This program will teach you:

  •  How to QUICKLY become an Instagram power user for maximum ROI.
  •  ​What exactly makes a HIGH VALUE MAN in the eyes of women so you can create a HIGH VALUEonline presence.
  • ​ How to mold your online image to a SEXY ARCHETYPE that women love, so that you can take advantage of all the positive associations already embedded in her subconscious mind.
  • ​ How to pick pictures and videos that make women find you IRRESISTIBLE.
  • ​ How to quickly get 1000 real, engaged fans for MASSIVE SOCIAL PROOF.
  • ​ How to find and contact beautiful women IN YOUR CITY to get real dates.
  • ​ How to message women in a way that EXUDES HIGH VALUE and makes them EVEN MORE ATTRACTED to you.
  • ​ How to use your Instagram profile as POWERFUL LEVERAGE to make girls in the real world more attracted to you.
  • And a heck of a lot more!

Introducing Instagram Seduction

The First and Only COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM for Picking Up Girls on Instagram!

I've developed this program over countless hours of researching, tweaking, and adjusting every possible detail on my Instagram profile. Now every bit of my collected knowledge over the past two years is available to you!

See what some past readers have to say:

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"Welcome, gentlemen, to your new life.”

  • Social Proof. Other people love you. Women desire you and men respect you.
  • Passionate Lifestyle. You pursue what you love, and you don't care if other people approve.
  • Willingness to Emote. You wear your heart on your sleeve and express yourself freely. You are not afraid to ask for what you want and set clear boundaries for what you're willing to tolerate from others.
  • Protector of Loved Ones. You're strong and capable, and willing to defend your women.

"Turned me into a mini-celebrity..."

"My life is boring. I thought there was no way I could make an Instagram profile that girls would like.

But following Christian's program showed me how to build an Instagram alter ego that turned me into a mini-celebrity. Andwomen love it!"

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My confidence has gone through the roof!"

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I took a trip through Eastern Europe last month, and had stunningly gorgeous girls let me stay with them, cook for me, and had mind blowing three different countries!

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