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Mimi – as she's known – seems to have inherited Nigella's class

She might have been embroiled in one of the UK’s messiest, most public divorces of late, but Cosima Diamond, Nigella Lawson’s daughter, has somehow managed to keep her wits – and fashion sense – about her in spite of the press attention.

Just to keep you up to speed: after pictures emerged of Charles Saatchi seemingly throttling wife Nigella Lawson outside restaurant Scott’s, Nigella moved out of the family home, taking her son (who, for legal reasons, we cannot name) and Cosima Diamond along with her. More of the family’s life was then dredged up in public as Nigella took the witness stand in a case against the family’s former assistants, the Grillo sisters. Nigella and Charles had accused Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo of fraudulently using their credit cards, charges they were eventually found not guilty of.

In an attempt to show Nigella up as a ‘bad character’ and unreliable witness, the Grillo sisters claimed, in court, that ‘Nigella lets the children smoke weed’. And in his infamous ‘Higella’ email, read out during the trial at Isleworth Crown Court, Saatchi alleged that both Nigella and her daughter, Cosima were ‘off [their] heads on drugs.’ Something which he later denied believing. He also exclaimed in the email that ‘You, Higella… poisoned your child with drugs and trashed her life. Classy!’

Aside from the obvious: that Nigella does actually emerge from the whole debacle looking a lot classier than Charles Saatchi, Cosima Diamond – whose father, John Diamond, died in 2001, seems to have inherited her mum’s class, too, as we can tell from the perfect snarl she employed at a Spanish airport recently. Returning from a (much-needed) holiday with Nigella and friends Olivia and daughter Francesca, she somehow managed to pull off an ostentatious '90s-style choker, a pastel blue coat, loafers and jeans. Though it’s not exactly primped and preened, we really do credit her long curly blonde locks for helping her pull off this look. Oh, and of course, that ‘don’t mess with me’ look.

So what do we know about her? Her nickname is Mimi, she went to £16,500-a-year fee-paying Latymer Upper School in west London, she’s friends with model Lillie Rage and she really knows how to put an outfit together. In another shot, taken when the incident at Scott’s first blew up, she teams what looks like an all-in-one-black romper with a not-so-classic mid-length trench coat (just check out that pastel-pink lining), dress shoes, understated jewellery and long, cascading ombre curls, effectively turning what could have been a very casual look into something a lot more formal.

It’s still to be seen how much Mimi will be in the public eye from now on – after all, Nigella did tell Good Morning America that her ‘only desire was really to protect my children as much as possible’ during the shaky past six months. But, if she’s going to carry on dressing so well, we’d quite like to see some more of Cosima Diamond. Just for inspo, you know.

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