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All pictures that you are about to see are from various sources that we love and are readily available in the internet, namely renowned nail polish fanatics/bloggers Scrangie, The PolishAholic, Ommorphia Beauty Bar, Nail Galore, All Lacquered Up, The Polish Addict, The Daily Varnish . If we have left out any, kindly email us at and we will credit you accordingly. 

Meanwhile, enjoy these lovely pictures. 

NL A05 All A-Bordeaux the Sled! (DC)

NL A06 Hawaiian Orchid 

NL A09 Comet Loves Cupid 

NL A11 Senorita Rose-alita

NL A15 Dulce de Leche 

NL A16 The Thrill of Brazil 

NL A17 Vanilla-zuela (DC)

NL A18 Peru-B-Ruby

NL A19 Ecuadorable Coral

NL A20 LA Paz-itively Hot 

NL A21 Argenteeny Pinkini 

NL A32 All Lacquered Up 

NL A33 OP-I Love This Color!

NL A34 Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

NL A35 Birthday Babe


NL A36 Happy Anniversary

NL A37 25 Colorful Years

NL A39 be 25 again!

NL A40 Who Comes Up With These Names?

NL A41 It's a Doozi, Says Suzi

NL A42 Mauve-lous Memories

NL A43 Fair Dinkum Pinkum

NL A44 Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It

NL A45 Brisbane Bronze 

NL A46 Koala Bear-y

NL A47 Red Hot Ayers Rock

NL A48 Fit For A Queensland

NL A50 A True Ab-Original

NL A51 Canberra't Without You 

NL A52 Suzi Loves Sydney

NL A53 Didgeridoo Your Nails?

NL A54 Don't Melbourne The Toast

NL A55 Off With Her Red

NL A56 Absolutely Alice 

NL A57 Mad As A Hatter 

NL A58 Thanks So Muchness

NL B23 Fireflies 

(a sheer greenish/pinkish sheen to be used over other colors)

NL B24 Blue My Mind 

NL B25 Azure For Sure

NL B29 Do You Lilac It?

NL B30 Purple With A Purpose 

NL B31 Flashbulb Fuchsia

NL B32 Dazzle Me

NL B33 Up Front & Personal

NL B34 Pink Before You Leap

NL B35 Charged Up Cherry

NL B36 That's Berry Daring

NL B37 Ladies and Magenta-men

NL B38 Bright Lights, Big Color

NL B39 Atomic Orange

NL B40 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's OPI

NL B42 Electric Eel

NL B43 Go On Green!

NL B44 Gargantuan Green

NL B45 Megawatt?!

NL B46 Need Sunglasses?

NL B47 Goldilocks Rocks!

NL B49 Call My Cell-ery

NL B50 Can't You Sea?

NL B51 And This Little Piggy...

NL B53 Get In Lime

NL B54 Teal The Cows Come Home

NL B55 Plugged In Plum

NL B56 Mod About You

NL B57 Don't Know...Beets Me!

NL B58 Nicole Alert!

NL B62 Give me the moon! 

NL B65 Mod-ern Girl

NL B66 The "IT" Color

NL B67 Brights Power

NL B68 That's Hot! Pink

NL B69 Green-wich Village 

NL B70 Dating a Royal 

NL B71 Done Out In Deco

NL B72 Suzi & the Lifeguard

NL B73 Over Exposed in South Beach

NL B74 Party In My Cabana

NL B75 Paint My Moji-toes

NL B76 OPI on Collins Ave.

NL B77 Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!

NL B78 Miami Beet

NL B79 Sand in My Suit 

NL B80 Bronzed To Perfection

NL B81 Conga-line Coral

NL B82 Clubbing Til Sunrise

 NL B83 No Room for the Blues 

NL B84 On The Same Paige

NL B85 Over the Taupe 

NL B86 Shorts Story

NL B87 A Grape Fit! 

NL B89 Funky Dunkey 

NL B88 In My Back Pocket

NL B89 Funkey Dunkey

NL B90 What's with the Cattitude? 

NL B91 Rumple's Wiggin'

NL B92 Who The Shrek Are You?

NL B93 Ogre-the-Top Blue

NL B94 Fiercely Fiona

NL C21 Ponce De Lilac

NL C22 How To Jamaica Million

NL C23 Yucatan If You Want

NL C29 Smok'n In Havana

NL C81 Nice Color, Eh?

NL C82 Niagara Falls For OPI

NL C83 Mauving To Manitoba

NL C84 Don't Wine...Yukon Do It!

NL C85 Polar Bare

NL C86 Paint Your Toron-toes Rose

NL C87 Glacier Bay Blues

NL C88 Canadian Maple Leaf

NL C89 Chocolate Moose

NL C90 At Your Quebec And Call

NL C92 You Ottaware Purple

NL D01 Lincoln Park At Mid Night 

NL D11 Strawberry Fields

NL D12 Can You Dig It?

NL D13 Tangerine Scene

NL D15 Just Groovy

NL D16 Make Love...

NL D23 Give Me A Coral Sometime

NL D30 Flower-to-Flower

NL D31 Flit a Bit

NL D32 Wing It!

NL D33 Catch Me In Your Net

NL E01 Red, Red Rhine

NL E02 Hungary For My Honey

NL E03 A Man In Every Port-ugal

NL E04 Euro-mazing!

NL E06 Amster-damsel In Distress

NL E07 Mmm... Vould You Like a Lick-tenstein?

NL E09 Cant-a-Berry Have Some Fun?

NL E10 Changing of the Garnet

NL E11 Marquis d'Mauve

NL E12 Basque In The Sun

NL E20 Florentine Fuchsia

NL E21 French Bordeaux 

NL E22 Kinky In Helsinki

NL E23 Mediterranean Moonlight

NL E24 Purple-opolis

NL E25 Sahara Sapphire

NL E26 Shootout at the O.K. Coral

NL E27 Venus Di Violet

NL E41 Barefoot In Barcelona