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Episode 1 : Episode 1

Eight new celebs - Gemma Collins, Tallia Storm, London Hughes, Jade Jones, Sam Thompson, Ollie Locke, Jonathan Lipnicki and Muggy Mike Thalassitis - hunt for love at the first singles mixer


Episode 2 : Episode 2

The celebs go on their first dates. Gemma Collins has a dodgy start. Made in Chelsea's Sam Thompson uses his Harry Potter impression to wow his date. And the agents fume with Muggy Mike Thalassitis.


Episode 3 : Episode 3

Hollywood's Jonathan Lipnicki, Olympic gold medallist Jade Jones and singer Tallia Storm go on their first dates. Things take a turn for the worse for Gemma Collins, who's late for her second date.


Episode 4 : Episode 4

Sam Thompson is left stunned on his next date. Back at the agency, there's big news for receptionist Tom and, having walked out on her last date, Gemma Collins is summoned for crisis talks.


Episode 5 : Episode 5

There's tough love for Gemma Collins when she catches up with Jonathan Cheban. Jonathan Lipnicki heads up to Newcastle for a kebab and a second date. Meanwhile, Ollie Locke clashes with the agents.


Episode 6 : Episode 6

Gemma goes on a first date with audio visual engineer Ben. Sam, Jonathan and Muggy Mike arrive in Edinburgh on a lads' dating away day. They date two girls each and then choose one to take to dinner.


Episode 7 : Episode 7

Comedian London Hughes has some fun with a huge wrestler on a date in Wales. Competition heats up between Jade and Tallia as they battle it out for the same guy. Meanwhile, Ollie is sent on two dates.


Episode 8 : Episode 8

Racing driver and model Seb Morris joins the dating agency, but Tallia is his ex and he has no idea she's already on the books. Sam gets a dressing down from the agents and Jonathan has a blind date.


Episode 9 : Episode 9 - Valentines

Gemma heads out on her second date with Ben and things get off to a flying start. Muggy Mike meets contortionist Lauren on a trapeze. London goes to play crazy golf with personal trainer Elliot.


Episode 10 : Episode 10

Emotions run high as exes Seb and Tallia visit the agency to confront Nadia and Eden. Ollie has a second date with Ruben, who shows him his questionable tattoo. Sam faces his biggest challenge yet.


Episode 11 : Episode 11

Nadia confronts Gemma about Arg. Sam and Jade learn new tricks in a flirting workshop. Mike fails to turn on the charm during his double date with Sam. Seb dates a new girl, but is she interested?


Episode 12 : Episode 12

Gemma heads off on a date with Daniel. Ollie gets some brutal advice from Binky, and there's a second date for London and Elliot. The agents bring in a relationship expert to help Tallia and Seb.


Episode 13 : Episode 13

The agency throws its first masquerade mixer. Mike's hot tub snog catches up with him. Gemma has two men fighting over her. Jonathan dates Becca but faces an interrogation from her best friend, Carly.


Episode 14 : Episode 14

Desperate for guidance, Gemma consults the stars, while Sam turns to his sister Louise for advice. Jade and London's double date has disastrous consequences, and Seb's date with Jess ends awkwardly.


Episode 15 : Episode 15

The agents meet Mike for crisis talks. Ollie goes skiing on his date with Dr Jason. One of the celebs leaves the agency with an emotional goodbye. Gemma's date with Laurence in Paris turns dramatic.


Episode 16 : Episode 16

Nadia and Eden are on the warpath, and Gemma is confronted by Laurence after her Paris no-show. Sam dates Emilia again to test his feelings, Mike turns to his mate for advice, and Jade has a spa date.


Episode 17 : Episode 17

Gemma's head is a mess as she weighs up the two men chasing her. Ollie tries to decide whether Dr Jason is Mr Right. Has Muggy Mike met his match with Celine? And it's crunch time for Seb and Tallia.


Episode 18 : Episode 18

Cape Verde is just around the corner, but Tallia is no closer to finding a date. Gemma's on a second date with Laurence. Seb bounces back big time with Sarah. Sam tries to decide who to take away.


Episode 19 : Episode 19

It's mini-break time as the celebs head off to Cape Verde. Sam has to tell Tammy and Emilia about each other. Laurence and Daniel vie for Gemma's affections. And the celebs attend a pool party.


Episode 20 : Episode 20 - The Finale

The celebs enjoy fun in the sun with their dates in Cape Verde. All except one, who decides they're better off alone. It's decision time for Sam and Gemma. Just who will they take to the final party?