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"Albury/Wodonga: Where dreams go to die!"

I am 25 and I have lived here since I was 7. I am an undergrad uni student with a 7 yo daughter. I am relocating when I finish my degree and I feel like I am counting down the days, all day, every day!!! I think Albury/Wodonga is a hell hole where dreams go to die. Others have referred to it as an ‘above ground cemetery’. This is my personal opinion...

If you have big goals, dreams and aspirations for your future, DO NOT MOVE HERE; unless you are a doctor or a lawyer looking for a place to earn big money (and can therefore afford a house in an estate with like people or out in the secluded bushland) without the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are content with labour work (Albury/Wodonga has many factories including Visy Pak and Uncle Bens) or waitressing/cashier then it will suit you.

There is nothing for children or teenagers to do, hence why we have so many drunk, wandering teens causing trouble. We have just one cinema, two bowling alleys and intencity. I think laser tag and indoor rock climbing have just opened up. We had paintball and go karts but they didn’t last long. Every time you leave the house, on any day at any time, you can be sure that you will either see, teenage girls walking the streets and shops in pyjamas or will hear and see teens abusing and or fighting each other. In the last 2 years more than 7 teens have been killed in car accidents; drink driving, police chases, etc; one of them my own 16yo cousin. I would estimate that 80% of people I went to school that I seen (in the street or at an event) since school are now on drugs and or have been to jail. There are more teen mothers than you can poke a stick at. If you love your child, RAISE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

The rent here is really cheap, especially when compared to other places. Quite a few nice new estates have sprung up over the last 3 years. However, some suburbs (mostly housing commission) you drive through, there are filthy rubbish filled lawns and kids running around with nothing but a nappy, young kids getting around by themselves, wandering the streets barefoot and or on a bike with no helmet.

The shopping is not that great if you want to shop at Myer, Target, K-mart and Big W you have to visit 4 different malls in 2 different suburbs.

Awesome. Well for the most part. The only bad time and place is peak hour at either ‘the five ways’ in Lavington or the water tower roundabout in Wodonga.

NONE!!! BORED, BORED AND MORE BORED... occasionally we have bands or circus’s comes to town, but very few and far between. In winter you can catch the bus up to the Snow Mountains. The rodeo is on annually. The Albury show is on every Oct/Nov but it seems to get smaller and yet more expensive every year and if you taking little ones take them early before those drunk teens arrive and cause havoc!!! The oldies have it great they often have live entertainment at the Commercial Club.

I hated the fact that I was still stuck here by the time my daughter started school. I really didn’t want to send her to a school around here!!! I went to Murray High School and let’s just say that the other 20% of people I went to school with who didn’t end up on drugs or in jail are now working at McDonalds or Hungry Jacks, etc.

From one extreme to the next!!! In winter it is FREEZING, to the point where you have to scrape ice of your windshield every morning, because we are right next to Snow Mountains. In fact I remember one winter my pond froze over...poor fish. In summer it is like living in a giant oven because we are also surrounded by bush and we have no breeze coming from anywhere. It is a very very dry heat. The amount of bush fire scares is alarming. I remember the year when Black Saturday occurred, I was ready to evacuate, I couldn’t see the houses across the road (of course none of that was caused by the most damaging fires down Melbourne way but by ones closer to us).

Like I said this is my personal opinion. Some people I know think it is a great place to live; each to their own I say. I am moving to the Gold Coast and those same people say they hate it and would never live there, so it very much depends on your lifestyle, personality and want you want out of life...

  • Large amount of teenage hooligans
  • Limited and very spread out shopping
  • No entertainment or leisure activities