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I’m Kelly Ann, 42 years old and I have involved myself in a situation that both titillates me and appeals me as well. I’m a single mother to a 19 year old college student, Becky, and we live together currently while she attends college. However, she has a boyfriend that I turn a blind eye to sleeping over once in awhile and goodness knows I have not been intimate with anyone in a very long time and well he is kind of rather nice to look at. I know that it’s wrong as well but occasionally I could hear the sounds of sex coming from the bedroom when he was over and though the idea of it being my daughter was not pleasing to me, I was very interested in what her boyfriend, Daniel, was like in bed and whether his cock was large. I would lay in my own bed and fantasize about getting fucked by him. He was 22, twenty years younger than myself, but at the same time I knew that I was still in great shape. The word Milf had been tossed in my direction a time or two.

Then came the afternoon that we found ourselves alone together when he stopped by for a date with Becky, but she was stuck in a class meeting for drama that was going on and on. I invited him to wait for her and busied myself in the kitchen glancing out at him on the couch. I yelled out to him if he wanted a soda and he said sure. Then as I came into the living room, the most clichéd thing happened, I tripped over the dog laying on the carpet and the soda spilled all over Daniel. I looked mortified at his wet shirt and he smiled. He threw the shirt over his head and his muscles danced, I swear. He said, Kelly, if you wanted my shirt off, you could have just said so. I blushed furiously and stammered.. It really was an accident. He stood up and his jeans were specked wet too.

“Becky just texted” He said slowly. “She is going to be stuck there doing a rehearsal because the teacher says they are not getting the play streamlined or something. She’ll be there till 10pm and has to postpone our date.”

It’s was only 5pm now. My mind raced with thoughts and his naked torso was gleaming at me. I didn’t say anything for awhile and he just stared at me .. “Um, Kell, could I use your washing machine. This soda is sticky on my shirt and I could use a shower if you don’t mind.”

“um, yes of course,” I gulped. “Just put your clothes outside the bathroom door. I will take care of it.”

The shower started up a few moments later and the door opened enough for him to hand his jeans and underwear out. I walked into the laundry room. I don’t know what possessed me but holding onto his garments that had been holding in that cock, I held them up and took a small sniff. Man scent flooded my senses and I sat on the little folding chair and lifted my skirt and rubbed it against my clit that was aflame. I was lost in taking care of myself and then suddenly I became aware that I was not alone. The door was ajar and Daniel in just a towel was staring at me with desire flicking in his eyes.

“I was just gong to say that I needed to know where a bar of soap was, there is none in there, but well I see that you might need some help out here. I do love a lady that needs some assistance.”

My guilt was strong getting caught but at the same time my powerful arousal was too evident. I had been rubbing his underwear over my clit. There was nothing else to say. He dropped the towel and I saw the immediate effect I had on him too. He knelt at the chair In a fluid motion and began to suck eagerly on my pulsing clit.
We fucked and sucked and tasted on the laundry room floor and then showered together. He said I was a beautiful milf indeed and we’ve hooked up a few times after I told Becky that if he wanted to move in to save money he was welcome to. It gave us a very lot of time together when she wasn’t around.
Our little secret is safe to this day.

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