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Step on the upper Jay Chou, hate JJ Lin, in fact, Hebe Tian is gay also began to face the face of plastic surgery?

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Hebe Tian Wuhan concert on a piece of green sea is simply too sensational! The whole audience chorus "little lucky" is full of moving!

Since the S.H.E personal development after solo Hebe Tian is really amazing: the entire Chinese music, but also a very offbeat person, quietly doing their music in the entertainment circle, but it is still black numerous......

At that time, many people also said: in the host by Jay Chou, but two people are really friends ah, Jay Chou also said that he love you so frank: girlfriend, not Jielun's money ah! So: in sex scandal still openly as Jielun MV, the mood will not be affected!

Hebe another scandal is JJ Lin, but this is not unrequited love: but JJ Weakness lends wings to rumours., for a long time, but has been on: JJ is cold ah

JJ once in concert to sing "Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks" suddenly went down: sitting on the side, also put a bite to eat: Deep-Fried Dough Sticks...... Our high cold spot for Xiaogong refused to eat the same awkward for a Deep-Fried Dough Sticks invitation......

Later, JJ did not give up, it did not drink to drink: the Soybean Milk, awkward: reluctant to take Soybean Milk meaning a bit......

Later, a reporter asked two people could do together, the attitude is very firmly said: absolutely impossible, because two people are very busy, no time to cultivate feelings......

This lot of JJ powder is not dry, my idol love so you care for you you are so straightforward? In fact, Hebe Tian was born was quite lonely, this is true for you, the reason Ella also said: friends feelings not is too rational, so perhaps Hebe and JJ really is not appropriate!

Hebe has an own boyfriend, so many people began to wonder: is not a lesbian...... When linked with Jay Chou, you think carefully, in fact not: and Jay Chou, but Zhong Ruohan Jay Chou's little assistant!

The communication between Hebe Tian and Zhong Ruohan that year came when Jay Chou often raise a Babel of criticism of, about two of the scandal......

The 07 year, Ella invited his friends to my hometown in Pingtung, was photographed together: and if the Han clock has been......

Because the hearsay is too serious, Hebe had to stand up and explain just two good friends!

Well, although the storm is over, but Hebe Tian was dubbed the label of homosexuality, for her song people seem to care more about her sexual orientation, when the S.H.E in the other two members have to marry a man and his wife: only when the media asked what time get married on the spot: "what do you do this? Ask me which day to get married, is equal to ask me which day will die!" The answer is really surprise.

Of course, a person's temperament is very difficult to change, Hebe Tian is a cool forthright person, sometimes say at this really won't change, but the Hebe face seemed changed a lot!

The little girl is simple: when I started out, are not handsome!

But after solo Hebe, face gradually changed, once the small eyes and single eyelids Hebe disappeared, replaced by a Hebe Tian face with big eyes and bushy eyes!

But the fact is: stick double fold eyelid, people are not even go like the wind is not necessary for a face knife!

But a singer: so we are energy, she knew she would affect more people, how to do well the demonstration?

Hebe is a quiet sing your song to do their own music, I know, you don't understand, don't bother, a cold woman, where there is so much time to do this? Grilled millet really miss Hebe once more, but now love Hebe Tian!