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  • The Sadist
  • Bunny
  • Dr. Death
  • Bugsy
From Quiz: Mafia Nicknames (click to play it). Question by author dave_fl.
Answer: Bugsy
92What brought Frank "The Prime Minister" Costello's life to an end?
From Quiz: Mobsters and Their Fate (click to play it). Question by author subsquid.
Answer: Heart Attack/Stroke

Frank was born on January 26, 1891 in Calabria, Italy. He was one of the most powerful crime bosses the U.S. ever saw. Early on in his criminal career, he met and became close friends with Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. Eventually, they became partners and Costello ran Luciano's gambling ring. Costello was third in line for the mob boss job when Luciano was imprisoned and Vito Genovese was indicted and skipped out of the U.S. for Italy to avoid prosecution. Luciano then named Costello as the new Boss. On February 18, 1973, Frank passed away from a heart attack at his home in Manhattan, New York. In 1974, one of Costello's arch enemies (Carmine Galante) hired someone to plant explosives at his mausoleum doors and blew them off for revenge. Just my opinion, but that's taking hatred/revenge to a new level.
93Henry Hill and some associates went to Tampa, Florida in 1972 to collect a gambling debt from Gaspar Ciaccio. Hill and his associates were subsequently arrested for kidnapping and assault. Who turned Hill and his associates in to the authorities?
From Quiz: Henry Hill Was Such a Wiseguy and Goodfella (click to play it). Question by author workisboring.
Answer: Gaspar Ciaccio's sister

After Henry Hill, Tony Burke and the Rosado cousins had extracted gambling debts Gaspar Ciaccio Tampa, Florida in 1972, they were arrested soon after they returned home to New York City. Gaspar Ciaccio's sister was a secretary for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and she turned the group in to the authorities. During the trial, one of the Rosado cousins died. The rest of the group was convicted of extortion on November 3, 1972. Hill and Burke were sentenced to serve ten years in federal prison.
94Philip Lombardo was the Boss of the Genovese crime family in New York at one time. What nickname did his mob associates bestow upon him? (He had more than one but I'm only listing one here.)
From Quiz: Nicknames Of Mob/Mafia Members (click to play it). Question by author feedyourhead.
Answer: Benny Squints

Philip "Benny Squints" Lombardo was at one time the boss of the most powerful crime family in America. it was the Genovese family. He was also known as "Cockeyed Ben". Apparently Lombardo wore thick glasses, therefore, his nicknames.
Lombardo had to have been the most successful mob boss in history. He used two front bosses so that it appeared he was just a soldier. That enabled him to run the family for 20 years behind the scenes. Nobody in law enforement had any idea he was boss until long after his death. He died at the age of 78 in April of 1987 and was living in Florida at the time.
95Despite countless acts of bootlegging, smuggling, and murder, what got Capone thrown into prison?
From Quiz: Al Capone - The End Went Wrong (click to play it). Question by author SGTShaw.
Answer: Tax evasion

Capone was convicted of five counts of tax evasion, as well as not filing for tax return. After going to several jails, he was sent to Alcatraz Prison, where he made enemies in just the first few days.
96Who was Mae Coughlin to Al Capone?
From Quiz: Al Capone (click to play it). Question by author frftrjnnyu.
Answer: Al married her

Al Capone married Mae Coughlin on December 18, 1918. She was two years older than him, and worked as a sales clerk in a neighborhood department store.
97Which of New York's "Five Families" was the last to have a member become an informant?

  • Gambino
  • Colombo
  • Luchese
  • Bonanno
From Quiz: Mafiosi and the Mob: Part 3 (click to play it). Question by author jesus_rocks.
Answer: Bonanno

The Bonanno family did not have any members become government informers during the 20th century. This is all the more impressive considering the large government offensive against the Bonannos in cases such as the Pizza Connection trial and the infiltration of 'Donnie Brasco', in reality FBI agent Joseph Pistone. These, and several other cases, resulted in numerous life sentences for Bonanno members. Despite this it was not until 2002 that the government managed to 'flip' a member. Their first government witness was Frank 'Curly' Lino, a captain. Since then their have been 10 othe members of the Bonanno family who have became informants, including former boss, Joseph Massino in 2004.
98Which mob boss claimed to be the model for Vito Corleone, the primary charactor of "The Godfather" novel and movie?
From Quiz: Four Mafia Bosses to Remember (click to play it). Question by author keithkomodo.
Answer: Joe Bonanno

Bonanno and his son both made that claim. The events in the "Godfather" were loosely based on a variety of events in Mafia life involving many mobsters. One similarity is that Bonanno pushed for his son to take over, as did Vito Corleone, causing resentment within the family. And Bonanno, like Corleone, claimed drugs was a dirty business, despite the fact that the Bonanno family was notorious for its involvement in the narcotics trade.
99Who was New York's prosecuting district attorney that targeted Lucky Luciano as the ringleader of organized crime?
From Quiz: Mastermind of the Mob: Lucky Luciano (click to play it). Question by author lilady.
Answer: Thomas Dewey

By 1935, New York's special prosecuting district attorney, Thomas E. Dewey, had collected substantial evidence against Luciano. Dewey invaded eighty Manhattan, New York brothels, and arrested hundreds of madams and call girls.

In exchange for their freedom from prison, they turned state's evidence and offered incriminating information about the prostitution ring in which they were involved. The staff from the prominent Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue where Lucky managed many of his business transactions, testified at the trial that they had witnessed numerous gangsters entering his '39c' suite frequently.
100With the growth in computer technology, Nigeria became a hub for organised crime gangs. Many specialised in financial scams and took a name after the number of the government decree that banned the transfer of money overseas. What name did police forces know them by?
From Quiz: The Devious Minds of Organised Crime (click to play it). Question by author darksplash.
Answer: 419 Syndicates

Paul Lunde noted in 'Organized Crime: An Inside Guide To The World's Most Successful Industry' in 2004 that 500 Nigerian crime groups operated in 80 countries.