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NYC Gay Dating And Relationship Success For 30+ Years!
In New York City, NY, NJ and CT, ManMate/ManMate Dinners for 8 is the
largest personalized gay dating service for men.

ManMate Dinners for 8 is New York City's only gay owned and operated personal introduction service that brings a party of single, successful gay men together for an evening of fine dining, friendship and more.


We carefully coordinate dinner parties for eight at popular restaurants all over Manhattan. You experience an exciting evening of conversation and cuisine. And you meet seven single men who are hand- chosen to attend based on compatibility, interests and relationship goals.

If you love fine dining and have become dissatisfied using clubs, chat rooms, online profiles or activities groups to meet new men, ManMate Dinners for 8 is the perfect solution! Our expert, in-person approach allows us to truly understand you and the types of quality gay men you would most like to meet.

Joining is simple! Just fill out and submit our FREE ONLINE APPLICATION and we will contact you - or you can call us right now at 212-564-4025 and ask for Nick.

ManMate Dinners for 8

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In 1985, ManMate became revolutionary as the first personalized gay dating service in America.  Since then, we have personally met, matched and introduced many thousands of attractive, single and successful men who desire a relationship and are open to making new friends in the process. ManMate is a distinct alternative to hasty and frustrating encounters from clubs, bars, Internet hook-ups and online "dating" sites. Throughout the years, many imitators have come and gone, but ManMate continues to be the only personalized service that has succeeded for 30+ years, forming countless couples and enduring friendships!

We work with you on a personal, ongoing basis for well over a year. And just as you benefit from the services of specialists in other areas of your life, ManMate's matchmaking experts assist you in meeting that exceptional gay man for you specifically in your personal search for a lasting relationship.


Joining is easy! Just fill out and submit our FREE ONLINE APPLICATION - and we will contact you - or call us right now at 212-564-4025 and ask for Grant.


"We bought a house, we have a wonderful dog and a wildly happy life. Thank you so much for helping us find each other. Every day we say... "Thanks, Grant!"

-Craig P. and Mark S.



Mark and Craig were married in NYC!