You intimidating beautiful girls nice...... omg

Are beautiful women intimidating to men? The answer, resoundingly, is yes. Men put beautiful women up on a pedestal, they tend to become more nervous when talking to them or being around them, and they tend to view them as somehow “out of their league” and unattainable. However, if asked, “Should beautiful women be intimidating to men?” the answer should be no, or at the very least, not nearly as much as they tend to be today.

The idea that beautiful women are intimidating does, of course, have some truth to it. Some beautiful women really do put themselves up on a pedestal and view themselves as “out of the league” of many guys who aren’t extremely attractive, powerful, or well-connected. It is difficult to tell which beautiful women will behave like that. Some indicators might be the way she dresses (if it’s incredibly “posh,” so to speak, she probably has such attitudes towards men), or where you see her (if it’s at a high-end bar or club, for example, there is more of a chance that she will barely give you the time of day.)

When you think that beautiful women are intimidating, you are, in some ways, already assuming that they act in such a way that you have very little chance. This is far from always the case. Beautiful women are intimidating only if you treat them as different from most other women (or people in general) – which, on the whole, they are not. Beautiful women have the same desires that most do to be loved, appreciated, to feel the bonds of companionship, the trust of friendship or other relationships, and to be valued as a person.

Because of this, beautiful women should, in many cases, actually be less intimidating then those with plainer looks. I’ll explain. Beautiful women have been treated like beautiful women their whole lives. When it comes to women, this involves having friends somewhat based on the fact that beautiful women get a lot of male attention, getting male attention comes with status, and status comes with a desire on the part of other females to befriend them. Furthermore, it is harder to be taken seriously, intellectually and otherwise, as a very beautiful women by other women or (and especially) by men. Furthermore, when it comes to men, beautiful women have largely been objectified, and treated as though their value comes mainly from their looks.

What does this mean in regards to the thought that beautiful women are intimidating, but shouldn’t be? This means that many beautiful women tend to be lonely, lack self-confidence, and tend to view men as assholes. This leaves the door open for men that perhaps are not as attractive, but simply walk up to the women with confidence and treat them with graceful respect. If you can give off the sense that you have the potential to be a true companion to them, someone they can trust, someone who will treat them well, make them laugh, and value you their personality just as much as their physical beauty, then they will absolutely talk to you and be willing to develop a relationship with you, and you absolutely should not be so intimidated by them.