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Not everything you send or share can be traced online. In the past few years, numbers of secret, self-destructing messages have been released, like SnapChat, BurnNote, Whisper, Secret, Firechat, wickr and many more. These apps give you the power of self destructing messaging. Once the message is read on the recipient’s Smartphone, they get self-destruct, leaving no trace about the message nor the sender.

Messages sent via these apps are copy-resistant, cannot be saved nor anyone can take screenshot of the message. Messages are sent via secure technology and gets decrypted ensuring maximum privacy and anonymity.

But, with so many options, rise the confusion of picking the right app. Luckily to make things easier, I have curated a list of top 11 self-destructing apps for secret messaging. Have a look:


Wickr is one of the most popular secret and secure messaging app which uses military-grade encryption for messages. Wickr allows you to send text, images, sound-files or even video messages with letting you take full control. You can decide who can read or view your message and for how long. You set a time and once it is complete, it automatically gets self-destruct. The app uses unique encryption key and supports secure file shredding features.

Download: Android | iOS


As its name, Secret messaging app lets you share your feeling secretly. When you post a message using the app, neither your phone number nor your name is revealed to your recipient. It’s easy to use, insert your secret key (code), compose your message and click encrypt button. When you click encrypt button, your message gets encrypted and the message can only be decrypted using the same key. You can see your encrypted message in the “Result” box. Underneath the “Result” box, you can see options to send and post the secret message. You can send the message via email or SMS and post the message to Twitter or Facebook.

Download: iOS


Burn Note, a mobile messaging app (Android and iOS). All messages sent via BurnNote self-destruct after reading. The message gets deleted from both the sender’s and receiver’s smartphone. Recipients cannot save, copy or take screenshot of the messages being displayed. All the BurnNote messages are displayed using BurnNote’s Spotlight system which maintains the anonymity of the messages. When you send a message and as soon as the recipient open it, a countdown timer starts automatically starts and once the time completes, the message automatically destroys. Burn Note also deletes all message data which resides on the server or on the app. You can also use BurnNote via web and messages can be sent to email addresses.

Download: iOS | Android 


Sneeky is a combination of Snapchat and Secret into one. You can send private pictures to your friends. Messages sent via Sneeky can only be seen by allowed users and it never reveals sender details.

Download: iOS


Share your message secretly with Whisper, which allow you to send and receive messages anonymously. When you post a message, it is displayed as text superimposed over an image. You can also publish your message with realtime social interaction with either a selected user or the community. If you are interested in a specific topic, you can browse all Whisper messages posted under a specific category or topic.

Download: iOS


TigerText is a real-time messaging app that lets you send secure and secret messages. Not just text, you can send pictures or files securely with TigerText. You can define a message lifespan and set time limits for your messages to be read. Once they meet their expiry date they are deleted. Other features include:

  • Know when your messages have been read
  • Recall any messages that you have sent
  • Define a message lifespan after which your messages will self-destruct.
  • Do not disturb feature lets everyone know when you’re not available.

Download: iOS | Android 


Telegram Messenger is a free and secure messaging for Android and iOS smartphones. You can send messages, photos, videos and documents to people who are in your phone contacts. The Telegram messaging app is cloud-based and cross-platform app which can be accessed via any device. Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. The apps uses advance encryption technique and decentralized infrastructure which makes the app as one of the fastest messaging apps available in the market.

Download: Android


Using FireChat you can chat with anyone, even when there’s no Internet connection on your iPhone. The app which is free to download has been developed by Open Garden. Firechat works seamlessly and best within the range of 30 feet measured from your current location. The app is easy to use and doesn’t require you to login with your existing social media accounts. All you have to do is download the app and start using.

Download: iOS

Anonymous Texting

Send anonymous SMS or text messages using Anonymous Texting app. The app allows users to send and receive secret and anonymous messages. Neither your name nor your number is displayed. When you send a message, your identity remains secret and your mobile number is replaced with a different number. The messages sent via the app can’t be traced and also it is not show up on your phone bill record.

Download: Android

Black SMS

BalckSMS app allows you to send private confidential text and picture messages. All the messages are encrypted using a password and the same is used to decrypt and read your messages.

Black SMS app works with iPhone’s iMessage app. Once you install, you will have to set a password. Then compose a message and paste it from Black SMS app into iMessage app and click send. When the message is received, it is displayed as a black text bubble on the recipient’s phone. Recipient then have to copy the black-bubble message and paste it into the Black SMS app. Once everything is fine, the message is displayed as normal text. The recipient will also need to input the same password used to encrypt the message.

Download: iOS

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is not just a messaging app, it’s like a local bulletin board for group chat. The app creates a secret and anonymous chat room that can be used by up to 500 users that are connects each user through GPS. Users can post a message in the local bulletin and users can then start chatting with each other anonymously. One more thing, you can only download the app if you are at least 17 years old.

Download: iOS

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