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When you think of a place with charm and beauty, you may not think about Dubai. However, the nightlife is booming, especially if you’re looking to meet singles.

With a wide variety of clubs and bars to go, you might be overwhelmed by the possibilities. We’ve cut out the guess work and have chosen 10 of the hottest clubs or bars to meet a lovely lady who you could get to know.

1. 360°

360 Degrees is the unique and posh club. It is located at the end of the pier in the hotel Jumeirah Beach. The name of the club can be explained with the round shape of the building and panoramic view on Arabian Gulf and Burj Al Arab Hotel.
This club is famous for its calm atmosphere, modern music and best sunsets in the world.
Open: Tue-Thu 6 pm-2 am; Fri-Sat 4 pm-2 am
Address:Jumeirah Beach Hotel, near Jumerah Rd, end of the Marina Walkway – Dubai.

2. The Red Square Club

The Red Square is a bar in the Moscow Hotel that offers patrons the chance to have fun, discover new things, and mingle with others — namely working women from Russia who have an open mind, are lovely, and enjoy the company of someone interesting. There is an entrance fee of AED100 for outsiders, but you do get a free drink. Other than meeting women at the club, you can enjoy the topless dancers, bikini-clad lap dances, and even a nude dancer or two.
Located at the Ground Floor of the Moscow Hotel.
Open: daily from 8 pm – 3 am
Address: Moscow Hotel – Al Maktoum Rd – Dubai.

3. Ku-Bu

If you’re looking for a nightclub with free admission, this place is it. The venue is a funky little place and the DJ is from the United Kingdom, so he’s pretty on top of things when it comes to classic music to what is new. The dark atmosphere of the venue is great for picking up fun women to share the evening with, plus who would want to deny these anxious women the pleasure of your company?
Open: daily 9 pm-3 am
Address:Baniyas Rd – Dubai.

4. Premiere Nightclub

As one of Dubai’s liveliest nightclubs, it is one of the hottest pickup clubs in the area too. The club is geared for single men and it is the perfect place to meet fun and crazy women with a high threshold for partying early into the morning hours.
Open: daily 9:30 pm-3 am
Address:Al Khaleej Rd, Hyatt Regency – Dubai.

5. The Music Room

In a world somewhere between bars and nightclubs, there exists a venue like The Music Room. This nightclub is known for their outstanding music and outgoing women. If you want to feel like the center of attention, you can bet that there are countless women staring at you eagerly from across the room. How’s that for an ego boost?
Open: daily 6 pm-3 am
Address: Majestic Hotel، Al Mankhool Road, Bur dubai، Next To Standard Chartered Bank – Dubai.

6. Jules Bar

The Le Méridien Dubai’s Jules Bar & Bistro is unlike other clubs in the area because it offers patrons an opportunity to listen to live music while you entertain women. Perhaps the best part of the Jules Bar is that it never takes long to meet a woman that shows interest in you — many men have said it takes less than finishing one beer before they have a woman on his arm. If you’re interested in meeting a working girl, you’ll want to move past the first area of the bar and go to the second half, which is where these women tend to relax and enjoy the club.
Open: daily 12 am-2:45 am
Address:Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road, Deira – Dubai.

7. Cin-Cin

This bar isn’t for those who are on a budget because it’s quite an expensive venue located in the Fairmont Hotel. You can be sure that when you are sitting at this bar for a drink (whether before or after the date), you will impress the women by flashing your bank roll. If you’re looking to meet single women who enjoy Dubai and all its excess, Cin-Cin is the place to go, as many consider the bar the very pulse of the cities night life.
Open: daily 7 pm-3 am
Address:Fairmont Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai.

8. Boston Bar

One of the best pickup places in Dubai is Boston Bar, especially during football season (or when people start dancing on the bar top). You can meet women in this bar if you’re fortunate enough, but it doesn’t happen as often as you think. Many people come here for the friendly atmosphere and staff. All in all, it’s a fun evening, even if you aren’t looking to meet someone.
Open: daily from 12 pm – 3 am
Address:2nd of December Street – Dubai

9. Savage Garden

If you want to have a bit of fun during your night out and meet some women to share a delicious Latin American meal with, maybe even dance to some live music, Savage Garden is your place to be. Among the service, the dancing, and atmosphere, it is different enough to keep patrons coming back time and time again.
Open: daily 7 pm-3 am
Address: Al Mina Road, 33228 Capitol Hotel, Dubai.

10. Boa Lounge & Club

For those who want to forego the small talk and get straight to business, Boa Lounge & Club is a great place to approach women and get the ball rolling. Of course, that isn’t the only thing going for the place. The bar is situated perfectly to overlook the business district, downtown, and the marina. All in all, this bar has it all.
Open: Lounge: Sun – Sat 7pm – 3am
Club: Thu & Fri 11pm – 3am
Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai.

Author: Sandra Baker

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