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Hi all.   I just like to share when I resolve an issue, which I did, and it was simple.   I know others have posted helpful info, but for those that have no idea what a MAC, RJ11 or "port the wiring" means, I'm hoping to help.


As well, some short info on having TWO modems... for those that already have their 'screaming fast', already happy with what I have, modems or routers already at home.




If you get a self install kit, it's simple to install with the included directions.  IF you have an internet modem already and you want to keep it running as well, consider doing that AFTER you get your phone service, and internet service, with your new modem up and running first.   You can plug your PC or Router into the new modem (it will work), as well as your ONE phone, and get it all working before trying to keep your old modem as well.   Believe me, it's much easier this way.


Be sure you directly connect a home phone (standard or wireless) into the LINE 1 phone plug in the back of your new modem that was provided.   If you have a PC or Mac, directly connect a computer as well.  Not a router just yet, get it all working 1st (what's a router? if you don't know, you don't have one, don't need it :-)


This is where getting it all to work (your ONE phone connect to modem, and internet on that new modem) will depend on your attention skills and talking to TWC.   Follow directions given step by step, it should be painless.   Hopefully.  


ONE TIP:  if you get internet working on a computer, and have questions on porting numbers etc., try TWC online chat.. it's quick and helpful.


PORTING OLD NUMBERS...  will depend on your old phone company letting it go, and twc taking control of it.  That needs to be worked out with both of them.   WHILE THEY WORK IT OUT, TWC can assign you a temp phone number for you to use with your new TWC phone system..   If needed.  Then it's easy to have TWC swap out the two when the fight with your phone company ends.


IF YOU WANT ALL YOUR PHONE JACKS IN THE HOUSE TO WORK...    you may have to call a tech to change wiring outside your house.  If you don't know what you're doing, don't try it.    You can try this without changing the current outside wiring, but it may send feedback to AT&T (or whomever) but you'll find out I suppose with either a call, or bad phone noise.   Doesn't hurt to try!


 All n all it's simple;  your phone wiring in your house is all looped together and a phone co signal comes IN with their own wires from just outside your house.  You may have to disconnect that phone co IN wiring so all your in-house wiring becomes it's own closed loop.  No outside phone company influence.  Try it without calling a tech anyway, maybe it might work.


HERE'S HOW TO GET ALL YOUR HOME PHONE JACKS WORKING...   You have to have a phone cable (or call it a phone cord, that's the RJ11 plug on there FYI) run from the new phone/cable modem, from LINE 1 (unplug that ONE phone from it now!) and plug it into a WALL JACK.   Any wall jack should do.  The one closest to your new modem preferred.  


Again, from LINE 1 on the modem, to a house wall phone plug/jack.  Modem to Wall.  No phone connected to the new modem now.  None.


NOW..  see if your phone jacks throughout your house work.    If you had a phone close to your modem (or PC or equipment) that now needs a place to plug in, you can do that, but do it properly.  You obviously can't plug it into the new modem any longer, that's connected to the wall (right?).. and no, you can't just plug it into LINE 2 on the back of the modem.   Use a phone splitter that allows you to plug TWO phone line cords into ONE phone jack.   Plug that into the WALL.  Not into the modem!, the WALL.  Then you can plug that one wire from the modem LINE 1, into one side of the 2-plug adapter, and your phone right there into the other side.   


Note that there should still be only ONE PHONE LINE coming from the back of your modem!   In fact, when done, you'll see only ONE Phone line, ONE cable line and ONE Computer line (directly connected to your Computer, of course).


IF you don't get a tone on your phones in your house, call a tech!  They need to change the wires outside your home!


IF YOU WANT TO KEEP USING YOUR CURRENT INTERNET MODEM...   note that you don't have to.  Your new phone/internet modem will work for internet and phone!  However, if you want to, like I did, this is for advanced users.   


Split the cable so you have one for phone modem, one for your modem.  It helps if you have two PC's, or PC and Laptop, so you can have both running at the same time and able to connect BOTH to the internet, separately.  Yea, I know your old one isn't work yet, and the new one does, but both will.   Be sure to leave out any routers at this point, if you use em.  PC to Modem DIRECT works best when configuring.


So connect to the internet with the NEW modem (should be running at this point) and get to the TWC web site.   Have info on each modem with you, MAC Addresses help, and modem type.   From the TWC site you can confirm your new modem is up and connected and running.  You may see the "keeper" there as well and can grab all the tech info from it.    Then, start a chat session and talk as technical as you can so they'll get scared and connect you to top tier support right away instead of asking if you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in ;- /


From there, they WILL be able to re-activate your "old" modem/router, and be sure BOTH are working,  and you'll be good to go.   You know what to do from here.  You may want to get into the NEW modem/router and disable the wireless part of it so it doesn't interfere with your current wireless system... or turn it into a new network signal.


Hope some of this info helps 'someone' here.  Have a great day.  :-)