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Heo Young-Ji is a renowned singer, actress and model from South Korea. She was born on 30th August, 1994 in Goyang, South Korea.

Before making debut she remained a part of some girls groups but left them, later on. She was first a trainee at Core Contents Media and then at KeyEast before leaving again. She successfully competed in Kara Project and stood out as a winner thus, becoming a part of Kara group.

On 15th of January 2016 the DSP Media announced that three members of the Kara group will be leaving after contract expiry. They also noted that Youngji will continue her solo career and they will help her flourish in the career.

She also appeared in variety shows, named Roommate and Hitmaker Season 2. In Roommate she became famous for her muted laughter. She joined Hitmaker Season 2 along with Lizzy, G. NA, and SO-hyun.

This group released their first song teaser on 17th of February and a full song after three days. She has also acted in a film Tasty 2: Happy Together and dramas, named The Alchemist and Another Miss Oh.

She also gave her appearance on various radio shows. She has won awards for Favourite Couple and Female Idol of The Year and both awards were won in the year 2014. In the same year, she was also nominated for Show Variety Female Newcomer award.

Youngji’s Boyfriend is Jackson?

Youngji and Jackson, her co-star in a reality show Roommate, are getting closer as evident from the fresh waves of rumours.

According to the producer of the show the two are usually seen arguing with each other. He, however, accepted that the two get along without any trouble and also, there are many commonalities between them.

Both are the member of idol group with similar musical shows and schedules. At the end of clip by one of Roommate’s fellow, named Nana, said, “I think they’re going to end up dating each other.”

Jackson said that he has a very pretty relationship with her and feels close to Youngji.

Her Ideal Man

She said that the South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun is her ideal. She further said that her type should be good at treating the lower class people.

Especially, if he has power he utilizes that to bring down corrupt strong people rather then using it on weak people. The same should apply for his authority and mind.

Her Ideal Dating Plan

She wants to travel the world with her boyfriend and that’s where they will date.

How Fans Think About Her Lover

The fans have opposite views on decreasing distance between Youngji and her Roommate co-star Jackson. Some said that there is no way of them coming close to each other as they are mostly fighting with each other.

Others, however, anticipate that they will end up dating with each other. The producer of show also gave a long statement regarding this matter. He highlighted their small usual fights but also stressed on how they go along comfortably.

He, in the end, stands on the opinion that they will end up as friends and dating is not possible between the two.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies She Appeared On

-Tasty 2: Happy Together (2015)
-The Alchemist (2015)
-Another Miss Oh (2016)

List of Love story Love Songs She Appeared On

-You’re So Yummy (2015) Kara
-How About Me? (2015) Kara
-Fingertips Love (2016) Kara